Living Life on a Lighter Note


What if the problem you are trying to solve is only a problem because you see it as one?

Picture yourself in one of the following scenarios.

Scenario A: You walk into a messy room finding misplaced items scattered everywhere. The problem is not that the room is messy, but rather the pull of ‘having to tidy’ because you can’t bear to see a messy room. For those who suffer from Compulsive Disorder Obsessive or mild OCD, one would automatically, yet unwillingly, fall upon the room in a cleaning frenzy.

The aftermath of this unplanned clean sweep often leaves you tired and frustrated, as your plans of productivity were averted.

2019 is set to be different. Why?! Because in this article, I share with you a KEY INSIGHT to Live Life On A Light Note!

There may be several scenarios you have faced where your plans where quashed the minute another person left or entered your space…

Scenario B: It’s a Monday morning and you’re at your desk with a stack of papers to work through; nothing unusual there. Determination washes over you with best intentions, yet you fail to progress as quickly as you would have liked, as your colleagues pull you away from your desk with their enquiries…

We’ve all been there! BUT the next time this happens you’ll be equip with this KEY INSIGHT:

What if this moment has been designed for me to choose whether I engage as I have been doing or create a new reality?

The life you are currently living – good, bad, right, wrong, ugly or beautiful – is nothing more than a story that you are playing out in the world, which is reflecting back to you through your relationships and interactions with people (as well as your health, your money and your spirituality level).

Conscious Creative Solution

For this week, observe the manner in which you respond to situations that you feel you have no control over. Everything has been designed to expand your awareness and build your character. To ensure you are always in your power and master your emotions or reactions FRAME YOUR STORY in such a way that you are victoriously growing through each interaction.

By Sidra Jafri

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Featured image: Photo by Nina Uhlíková from Pexels


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