We made the list • Top 60 London Lifestyle Blogs on the Planet!


 Top 60 London Lifestyle Blogs on the Planet • We made the list!

We were recently ranked in the Top 60 London Lifestyle Blogs on the Planet by Feedspot.

We are thrilled!

The blogs/websites on the list were ranked based on certain criteria; google reputation, influence, quality of posts and Feedspots editorial teams review.  For us it’s been a labour of love as it’s something Kate and I truly believe in. It’s always great to be recognised for good old hard work!

Feeling reflective, this got me thinking about why Kate and I started Those London Chicks in the first place. Women supporting women….What with the explosion of “celeb” culture, body shaming… who wore what best…who looks thiner than the other or who’s lost their baby weight quicker…blah,blah,blah, compete, scrutinise, criticise….ENOUGH!!

We wanted to cultivate and encourage a back to basics approach to “London Lifestyle”. For us this means a way of being, a state of mind. One born of positivity. Through positive thought and (of course hard graft), we as women can achieve ANYTHING! London serves as our “backdrop” as it were, we both hail from London. A City brimming with diversity! Much like London we wanted to represent, embrace and include every woman. Regardless of ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, ability, disability, culture, socio-economic background, income or political persuasion. We have a little something for everyone. Our main message being inspiration, empowerment and positivity amongst us!! Just like the old saying “If you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say it”. We have a strictly no negativity policy… life is hard enough.

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TLC look to inspire and encourage women to upcycle their lives one step at a time. We cover everything women talk about. With many regular contributors all experts in their field offering informative articles. By women for women (men find us interesting too!) The sharing of information, thoughts and ideas. Like a good conversation amongst a bunch of friends with buckets of experience.

We look at things that inspire us, in the hope they will inspire others! With the huge wealth of talent and knowledge in our writers. We at Those London Chicks is a Lifestyle brand with an edge. It’s all about the collective, pooling talent and expertise from various areas to empower women to be the best version of themselves as possible. Life is so much easier when you have support!

We have features on: Self help, Mentoring, Spiritual Coaching, Mental Well Being. Fitness, Health, Nutrition, Yoga inspiration. Skincare, Fashion, Makeup (including product reviews) The Arts: TV, Film, Theatre, Books, Music reviews. Home: Babies and Children, Food,Vegan and other, Recipes, Smoothie Recipes, Upcycling, DIY,Restaurant Reviews, Interiors,Travel and things to do. Real Life inspirations….Interviews (careers, beauty, film and TV) and general chats with inspiring individuals. We also publish articles written by guest contributors with interesting and extraordinary stories.

In conclusion, we’re so incredibly excited Those London Chicks is on this list. For us this means we are truly beginning to realise our vision. This ranking is propelling us even more to spread the positivity message and reach as many people as possible! Allowing us to share our ethos, wonderful articles and showcase our writers.

We are all about women making it as good as it can be….everywhere!

A huge thank you to our amazing contributors past and present. Also YOU our readers, thank you for your continuing support! Keep reading and spread the word!!

*Over the coming weeks we will republish some of our favourite pieces, just incase you missed them the first time around.

Thank you so much

Karen and Kate x

Those London Chicks!!

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