Love is in the air! At the Lyndsey Loves Launch Party!

Stuck For Christmas Present Ideas?

Now I must admit I wasn’t over the moon about heading out of town to head to Brentwood for the launch of a new online boutique shop Lyndsey Loves, despite having checked out their new site and product range, and being intrigued as to their incredibly popular Lip Balm range


that is being hugely blogged about with one flavour in particular. ‘Unicorn Farts’ ( I will come back to that). Should I drive should I take the train, how long, it’s dark, what should I wear etc etc. However as soon as I entered Chloe’s ( the salon hosting the party) I was swallowed in with the Love, Fun and positivity pumping round the room.

On entering I was greeted warmly by Jade, owner of Tiger Lily Events who I was later to learn was the event coordinator and ‘Lyndsey’s'(The Lyndsey of Lyndsey Loves) sister in law. So already I could tell this being a family affair that Love and supportive energy was behind the ideas of this evening. It was glam/cute/cosy. Now I don’t think I could have planned a mix like that but these guys pulled it off excellently. There was a huge crowd, with people arriving in a almost constant stream. On eaves dropping several conversations I discovered alot of other guests were well known bloggers, a couple of other magazines and I’m sure quite a few of the TOWIE lot made appearances. For most it was out of their usual London stomping ground but all seemed incredibly enthusiastic on being invited.


On going solo, I did my usual of steering away from small talk and heading over to do my job. Check out for myself what Lyndsey Loves was all about and what was all the hype about those ‘Unicorn Farts’. Ok so in my head I was thinking hundreds and thousands on sickly speed. How wrong could I be. If you are looking for the perfect stocking filler or little gift then Unicorn Farts are the way forward. The scent is incredible. Its spearmint and pink cotton candy, which even after having to hand the balm round for others to sample managed to linger in my senses making me want to smile and dance and twirl like a child. Extreme reaction I hear you say, well, maybe but I was on a bit of a high this evening as once finally making the decision to leave my house and head to the depths of Essex I decided to rock my favourite Bowler Hat which always seeps back my Fosse dancing days, making me want to snap my fingers and strike a pose at every doorway.

Anyway ( said Chandler style) moving on from Unicorn Farts and dancing days I perused the rest of the great, Christmas present ideas, Lyndsey Loves range on display and started mentally ticking off my Christmas Shopping List. For all of the items available from Lyndsey Loves go to Whilst doing my Christmas Shop one of the ladies sharing the wonder of Unicorn Farts divulged how Lyndsey had chosen the selection of items whilst travelling around the world, this friendly soul also pointed out the lady of the evening. Lyndsey. Lyndsey was surrounded by bloggers desperate to know where she had come across Unicorn Farts, how she had come to actually pull her company together and which countries had inspired most of her choices. I sidled up managed to nab a few moments with Lyndsey. She shared her love of her travels and how bringing her boutique together meant she had little pieces of them with her as little reminders of what a great time she’d had. You could tell she was a lady of quality and standards and would only put items she would herself own in her shop. Her house is apparently littered with Unicorn Farts, Ville de Fleurs Candles, Candy Twine and pretty much everything else available on the site. I let Lyndsey have a breather as I noticed a stall just past the scrummy Sushi, Salmon Wellington, Cream and Scones and mini mince pies. How I managed to squeeze past without scooping everything into my bowler hat for later I don’t know. Maybe my NO-vember abstinence is starting to filter through to my brains section of self control. Whatever it was it enabled me to focus on the matter at hand TUTU’s!

One Tutu Design

How I spotted this extra speciality amongst the crowd was because of this gazelle like blonde beauty stood with a gorgeous pink tutu on. I had suddenly found the perfect present for my Primary School Bestie, a black leopard print tutu! They can be made to fit any size, children Adults. I must admit I had a fleeting thought of Buddy (My Chorkie) but then thought he would thank me by chewing my Loubies. Where can I get my hands on one I hear you scream. At One Tutu They are beautifully made and a lot of fun. And sometimes an occasion just isn’t complete without a tutu.

After mentally pretty much completing my Christmas List I head to the door. En route I pass the Sparkling Cupcake Mountain and nab the most delicious Vanilla Cupcake I have had in a long while! As I leave More people are being snapped on the red carpet on their way into the event.

A Great evening had by all. And definitely the place for special gifts! Check out

Maybe just maybe nab yourself some Unicorn Farts for an extra swirl this Christmas or New Year!