Madam Storm’s STRUT Master Class


Madam Storm’s Strut Masterclass • Learn How to Walk in Heels!

 Madam Storm’s Strut Masterclass is an intensely practical session for women of all ages. Who want to present themselves as confident, assured, sensual and unequivocally owning their own space.


Uniquely, the Masterclass is an object lesson in acquiring new levels of confidence. While having fun as you the ladies progress from an initial totter in heels. To being fully accomplished and mastering six powerful struts for all occasions. Madam Storm has now introduced Street Strut. She takes the Masterclass to the street and has had great success as the women learn how to own their space in public. Whoop!

Madam Storm has developed a number of struts designed for particular occasions. From the Power Strut to get you noticed in a formal work meeting environment to the Pussy Cat Strut, which has the same effect in the bedroom, each strut engenders a natural confidence that builds on success.

Madam Storm’s Street STRUT

Who is Madam Storm?  

Madam Storm is a qualified therapist, clinical hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, confidence and fitness coach and motivational speaker.  She specialises in helping women to enjoy life by inspiring them to gain confidence through a practical programme of self-belief and outward presentation.  She is a professional dominatrix with an international clientele and travels extensively through Europe, America and Australia.

She also supports a number of charities, particularly those serving under-privileged women and has recently travelled to Amsterdam with a charity exhibiting at the 22ndInternational Aids Conference.  She’s has been working with Red Run and Positively UK.  On stage with London Mayor Sadiq Khan she presented her powerful affirmations alongside her Power STRUT to motivate the runners and raising money for the Crisis Fund for those living with HIV.

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She is an accomplished and entertaining motivational speaker, with a wealth of personal experience to draw on and share.  She has an acutely disadvantaged background with direct experience of many of the issues she addresses which affect young people today.  She speaks particularly in support of women’s issues for charities and women’s groups as well as for commercial organisations.

She says: I choose the name Madam Storm because it resonated with me because of my lifestyle as a Dominatrix. It represents my female divine power and self-confidence and it sounds bloody cool!”

Other media appearances.

Madam Storm has also featured in a number magazine, newspaper and radio interviews. She recently appeared has been in The Metro Newspaper.  Timeout featured her as a leading sex educator in her field, promoting sexual and personal confidence.  She reviewed the new Netflix show Bonding, bringing her expertise as a dominatrix and sharing her own personal experiences working as an international dominatrix.  Madam Storm has a regular slot on Soho Radio on the Bibi Does Soho show as her Empowerment Coach delivering confidence coaching, tips and advice to their listeners.

Helping women across the world, one STRUT at a time.


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