Makeup Case Must Haves!


Every mother is a working mother

My baby turned one at the beginning of the year (We didn’t break her. Yay for us!) Massive high.
Unfortunately, my career decided to keep me in check by disappearing. Massive low.

January was dry. Bone dry. Dry as a dusty ol’ desert boot in fact!

But it’s OK, because things started looking up and with the arrival of February my phone finally started ringing again. One of my main jobs this month was working with Take That. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not moisturizing Gazza’s chapped lips and tweaking Jason’s curls, but I am head of hair & makeup for their team. The three boys are lovely, but it is the band, their dancers, and performers that are mine to prettify. LOTS of fun!  My last few TT jobs were for the X Factor, the BBC Music Awards and the Brit Awards.

Seeing as my kit has been getting a real work out I thought I’d let you in on some of my fave equipment & products.

NUDE pro genius treatment oil. £58 from SpaceNK.
Start with this for glowing, supple skin. Every bit of makeup you put on top will be smoother and enhance the beautiful base you’ve created.

suqqu-liquid-eyelinerSuqqu eyebrow liquid pen. £20 from Selfridges, Harrods and Fenwicks.
Amazing fine, hair-like tip, with incredibly realistic colour. Do NOT be scared by the green, it’s perfect for dark skin.



Givenchy Mister Mat.  Approx £25.
This is a Matifying foundation primer. No word of a lie it makes your skin MATTE. It is brilliant and makes the need for powder a bit obsolete.


Nars The Multiple £30
You can get this creamy stick in 19 beautiful shades. I use it mostly as a blusher but as the name suggests you can use it on eyes, lips and cheeks. Creams are gorgeous and not to be feared. They give a natural, soft, dewy look and can be layered wonderfully.

tweezerman-comb-eyelash-ilashEyelash comb. I use the Tweezerman folding ilashcomb.£10 but you can buy different makes in loads of places.
Make sure you buy one with metal teeth and your eyelashes will never be the same again. They are especially vital for bottom lashes so you don’t get those horrid spidery,clumps.

nuxe-huile-prodigieuseNuxe Huile Prodigieuse Or Dry Oil Golden Shimmer Approx £20
This stuff is SEXY. It’s a dry body oil with a golden shimmer in it that can be used on face, body and hair. I use it on the body and as a highlighter on the face. Not massively important, but it smells ridiculously good too!!

GHD Eclipse. £145
This new straightener has innovative and patented tri-zone technology  blah blah blah.  In my opinion GHD are superior to all other hair straighteners, and this one is good. It has a light and a bell sounds when you turn it on and off, it also alerts you when the plates are at their hottest- which coincidently is after about 5 seconds! It’s also got really helpful rounded edges so it’s now much easier to curl hair too.

Lastly, if in doubt, buy anything by MAC.
Their products are quality, not too expensive, and they have an enormous range. It’s a brand that is made for professionals, so is always going to be of a high standard. One thing people always ask me about MAC is the NC v’s NW foundation dilema. VERY basically if you have pinky toned skin with blue veins buy an NW shade. If you have yellowy/golden toned skin with green veins you need NC.

Right, baby girl’s naptime is over. Back to Duplo!

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