Making jewellery with Ette.1942

Making & Designing Your Own Jewellery 

Searching for something to wear? Raided your mum’s, bestie’s and flatmates jewellery boxes and fancy something new to make a statement?

I decided to DIY my own pieces. Now this isn’t for everyone, but frankly it was my only option!

I was getting bored of tirelessly browsing accessories and feeling replayed by it all! I decided to gather odd pendants pieces of chain I had in my box and family members and started making my own makeshift pieces I would wear to vamp up my T-shirts & Shirts.

A friend, B, runs an amazing antique jewellery stall in Greenwich Market where she sells vintage pieces, which I had been a fan of since my early days of visiting Greenwich retro and vintage clothing shops and market stalls inspired me of the uniqueness of it all.

I liked the idea of creating classic pieces I could wear that was original in its style but classic in its approach I didn’t really think about anyone liking it let alone buying it!  I enjoy buying pendants symbols and slogans that people can identify with whilst I’m wearing it day to day casually or for an evening out with friends.

ette.1942 2When I realised people wanted to buy my stuff I began sourcing manufacturers and wholesalers making a couple of pieces here and there, selling individual pieces that I could in-tern by more stock and make more from its still early days so I’m always updating and restocking the stock. Using various chains, findings, beads, precious stones pendants etc, I visit stores or buy offline buying  everything from Wooden Beads to Glass candy coloured beads, bells, leather you name it! I’m like a kid in a candy store.

Some finds are great quality and others absolute rubbish buts its in the search thats enabled me find what it is I’m looking for. During my searches I’ve realised just how much is available and how saturated it is with jewellery designers and whole sellers making this stuff available and wonderful it is in the market for someone mearly enjoying the fruits of being novice at the starter block from the word go.

After attempting to wear  all my designs I’ve just realised I cant think of any more ways to have fun then by accessorising in my own jewels! I never run out and always have something new and if I do run out I can rustle something up!

Best Material To Work With?

Sterling silver is a definite as it looks good with everything and looks fresh and has good energy. I love gold also! I grew up wearing gold so I have them stashed in my jewellery box! I think that will be something I add to the collection this year! and stainless steel still excites me as when its worn still looks amazing and brand new is almost mirror like, which I love shiny and brand new!! I also love raw precious stones, leather can be quite nice also and wears well is very durable has longevity and comes in lots of colours and textures.


What Inspires You To Buy & Create?

I enjoy being outdoors so generally day to day things fashion people, I could be in a super market and get inspired just depends where i am who I’m with really.

I find it easier buying in bulk as it gives me the freedom to create and make mistakes, however this can be costly! don’t try this at home!

Creating bulk bundles of jewellery is cool because I usually create a few different pieces at one time and either reproduce them or where them myself if no-one likes them. I make everything by hand so when I get tired I usually stop or have a tea break and resume I can go all day most times, and I generally only  work when I want to or when someone wants something. I have the added freedom of being able to continue designing new and original pieces. Producing individual pieces, person specified is apart of the branding process whilst creating signature pieces that help build and create your line. Customising your chain selection takes time as designing and selecting individual pieces can take months trying to find the right chain, chain endings, pendants, packaging etc.

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Written by Chantel Pearson

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