Netflix Review • Meet the Patels

Netflix Review • Meet the Patels

Dubbed a ‘romantic comedy’ this docu-film can only bring out the best in you.

Filmmaker Geeta V Patel with camera in hand (and be prepared for watching some dodgy shots) trails her brother, the actor Ravi V Patel (Transformers, The Michael J Fox Show) as he begins his pursuit to find his perfect mate, under the advice or dictatorship of his ENTIRE FAMILY.

Ravi V Patel and Geeta V Patel

The set up goes something like this; an Indian- American man (Ravi) breaks up with his long standing American red-headed girlfriend (Audrey) as he feels under pressure at the ripe old age of thirty to get married and have a family and coming from an Indian family, doesn’t feel confident that that can happen with Audrey, and in fact, his parents aren’t even aware of her existence……nor does he feel,  ever need to. Ravi and Geeta’s parents are under the impression their son has never dated in face, and their mother being a renowned matchmaker (true story) takes the news that her son is finally ready to be set up as a gift from the gods.

Father, Mother, Brother, Sister travel from the US to India, and we are introduced to, well, all the Patels ever…..not exactly but a lot.  We are introduced into Indian culture, tradition, family, unity and it’s a beautiful thing.  Ravi is committed to finding a wife but has some conditions, primarily that she should also be Indian but needs to be American, it’s important that he and future spouse have the fundamentals in common and a whole new world of matchmaking unravels.

The narrative cuts between raw footage, uncomfortable conversations, silence, fits of laugher, frustration and verge of tears, this shows every facet of being part of a family that genuinely cares for one another, with all very different personalities and Ravi’s personal thoughts which are shared between him and sister in cartoon form, as a quasi-therapist/patient relationship.

The reason that this film is so compelling is that it is raw, honest and open.  This is an earnest tale that fills you with hope, and there are some brilliant laugh out loud moments.  Wonderfully crafted, a story with a very big heart.

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Reviewed by Chantelle Dusette




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