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Chicks at the Flicks Review of Mystify: Michael Hutchence

For those of us who remember the 80s, there was no one like Michael Hutchence, the front man of the Australian rock group INXS. I distinctly recollect he had an aura; he exuded sex appeal.

Of course the confidence exuded on stage for any performer will differ from the man just going about his business. But if there is one thing Mystify: Michael Hutchence testifies to is that, on and off stage Michael Hutchence was magnetic.

Having directed many of INXS music videos including Mystify, Suicide Blonde and Need You Tonighthis long history and association with the band makes Richard Lowenstein the foremost authority to sensitively helm this documentary.

Clearly Lowenstein has built a relationship and trust with all connected to Hutchence as the film contains contributions from those who were closest to him not only family and friends, but also those who had been romantically connected the rock star, including Kylie Minogue and Helena Christensen. Their candid recollections, certainly enrich the narrative and offer a deeper insight into what made this profound and sensitive individual tick.

Kylie Minogue states: ‘If you are a sensual being all of your senses need stimulating.’ And this is certainly the impression we get of Hutchence, someone who is in pursuit of self-improvement and lived life to the fullest.

Complementing the fascinating reminiscences, the documentary has a wealth of personal archive material, video archive recorded by Hutchence himself.

Told non-linearly, the film certainly conveys an image of a man with a delicate soul, a thoughtful human being who sought love and security of family unity. Indeed the documentary is an intimate portrayal of a remarkable talent.

Watching the documentary I was transfixed, remarkably I have found myself thinking for days about the film, playing their greatest hits and remembering just how much I enjoyed the music of INXS and just how much charisma and presence Michael Hutchence had.

As so frequently happens the good die young, and those who have still so much to offer are taken from us far too young, Hutchence was only 37.  I can’t really put it anymore eloquently than in his own lyrics: ‘You’re eternally wild with the power, to make every moment come alive. All those stars that shine upon you, well they’ll kiss you every night.”

Mystify: Michael Hutchence uniquely captures the balance between being truly revelatory, yet never diminishing the mystique of the man, the legend, the artist.

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