From nature to nurture, all is energetic


From nature to nurture, all is energetic – How to respond and adapt to new energy streams.

Life is a series of flowing energy streams. Some we carry throughout our life and many carry us. Some are intentional, and others we are not always aware of…until something wakes us to them. Like fish within the ocean we find our currents and shoals; and as life ebbs and flows, we move from one energy stream to another. We are in a time of great energetic change, individually and collectively, with navigation requiring new practices and areas of focus. Change can be bumpy, but with a little awareness, it can also be effortless and exciting.

When experiencing change it is best not to think of our ability (which can come with pre-conceived limitations and restrictions) but of what is required given the situation right now. Often a new set of tools and approach is the answer. New energy: new response. As we assess the territory (be it new, or something we are heading towards), we can make new choices. Small choices, wise choices, but ones relevant to the situation at hand.

The following identifications can be useful when transitioning to a new energy stream:

  1. Prioritize the intention. Many intentions and ideals can be held by the psyche at the same time (and consider the individual psyche and how it might be influenced by, and in relation to, the adapting collective psyche). The more defined the agenda, the more pertinent the action. Identify the one – and only one – priority of the new energy stream. Connect with this and use it to guide you.
  2. Accept the flow to past. Flow happens when we stand in our power…in this moment. To do so, we must accept that…what has been, has been. It has passed. Let it go in order to cultivate new thought and inspiration.

We live life backwards. The more we let go, the more space and opportunity we have around and within us; and it is the energy of how we let go, which influences what we attract. Practice loving kindness to what has passed.

  1. New energy requires new awareness. Each energy stream ‘activates’ a different dynamic of the psyche. It is useful to understand this, for it eases conflict into action. An energy of building foundations for instance, requires very different awareness to one of ‘expressing one’s truth’. They have similarities and common themes, for both streams are ‘of us’, but very different requirements in themselves. Building a home or studying will require different focus and resources to sharing our talents and creating an impact in the world. Both may be ‘true’ and both may create confidence and self-belief, but the streams of energy are different.

No one energy stream is better than the rest. The wisdom comes in being authentic with our needs and processes – of being present with what is true right here, right now. It is why friends come and go, and why, when we realise that all is just energy and variations of it, we can avoid creating and falling into personal conflict.

  1. Understand what the body needs in an adapting energy stream. Our bodies are subtle and finely tuned energy systems. Just as our bodies respond to a change in diet or temperature for instance, they respond to energetic changes too. The expectations we might place on our bodies, do not always allow for the subtleties needed to exist in today’s evolving environment. We may wish to ‘perform’, ‘excel’ and ‘be happy’ but we cannot do this without listening to, and adapting to, what our bodies need in the current terrain. Our environment is much more complex and intelligent than we realise, and in order to transition and change, we must raise our intelligence in relation to our energetic responses and awareness. Emotions, physical stamina, mental abilities – all depend upon, and rely on, our energetic interactions. From nature to nurture, all is energetic.
  2. Thought processes adapt in an adapting environment. ‘To think’ is a response to energies available at our fingertips. We cannot ‘think’ about something we have no knowledge of – somewhere in the psyche the knowledge itself ignites further knowledge and/or reflection. ‘Thought’ is the expression of an energy stream. This is how energies grow and expand; how, by the nature of evolution (which we could itself consider an expanding thought) the new can overlay the past. Future, it could be said, in itself does not exist: just ‘new thought’ as it appears. An explanation perhaps, of why in this era of mental stimulation and mass-connection, time appears so much faster.

Significant energetic changes in our environment create differing ways of processing thought. Progress and forward-movement happens in response to new methods of thought processing. To ‘push through’, for instance, when a situation requires or cries out for a different mental approach places strain upon the body and system at large (be it an individual, a company or a country). Allowing the method to adapt with and to the emerging environment is so important.

  1. The spirit invokes the result. Owning our spirit is the ‘easy’ way to navigate both changing energies and times, and life itself. At the root of all reflection, of all quest for personal understanding is the desire to know and love our spirit – the essence of who we are and why we’re here. Our spirit is the constant in life: the never-ending provider of awareness and inclusion. It cannot be ‘removed’, ‘adapted’ or ‘reworked’. It is the reflection and expression of who we uniquely are. It is alive, encompassing and unquestioning in its desire for our peace and well-being, even if our actions seem otherwise. We can save a lot of heartache and discomfort by going straight to the source of who we are; of accepting and embracing – loving – our spirit.

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By Delilah Sullivan

Spiritual Mentor – Well-being Coach – Energy Practitioner – Author of: The Teachings of Mr P.

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