Orange is the new Black-Netflix Review

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Orange is the new black Review

‘Orange is the new Black’, this Netflix exclusive seems to be generating a lot of critical acclaim….and I see why. It’s the story of ‘Piper Chapman’ played by Taylor Schilling, a priviledged New Yorker, who is sentenced to fifteen months in Prison for a crime she committed 10 years previously. This character rich, female lead comedy/drama follows her life in Prison, and the various inmates inhabiting and surviving with varying degrees of success, a far cry from ‘Prisoner Cellblock H’. As the story unfolds we encounter more from the other characters and their lives, the change in loyalties, the struggle for superiority.,the wheeling and dealing and the love interests. With clever, imaginative, funny and robust writing , the story weaves from present day to scenes from the past informing you of their back stories., which add context and depth. Extremely well rounded characters and brilliant performances by all, that and the twist and turns in the plot ….. you will be gripped and gagging for the third Season, but alas, it’s not out until next year!!

The cast of Season 2
The cast of Season 2

The acting is strong across the board which makes it a struggle to favour one character over another. As each episode unfolds we learn more about the supporting cast making their stories and characters deeper and even more appealing. Good writing is what enables us to start off hating a character but instantly finding ourselves in turmoil as we are then struggling to work out who we are rooting for. The writers of Orange is the New Black keep us flipping allegiances from episode to episode keeping us on the edge of our seats waiting for the next episode. That is the only problem with Netflix. You are the one in control of the remote. How long can you make it last?

I bet longer than us!


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