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Better Call Saul

Netflix have done it again by securing the much anticipated, eagerly awaited prequel to Breaking Bad ‘Better Call Saul’ from AMC and for those die hard Breaking Bad fans (much like myself) who were desperate for more ‘on the edge of your seat’ type drama that only Vince Gilligan can provide‘ Better Call Saul’ did not, I repeat, did not disappoint.

Those familiar with Breaking Bad will recognise the camera angles and screen shots, using the same stylising as BB visually and great music, Better Call Saul has so far proved the theory that ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ and once again, I, as the audience felt the innocence of a child at the beginning of a roller coaster, as when sat to view a new episode of Breaking Bad, knowing I would not be disappointed at the end of the ride.

Bob Odenkirk


El episodio ‘Uno’ takes the viewer on a journey to help us understand, in part, how Saul came to be the shady, unscrupulous, two bit lawyer, we knew and loved in BB, the perfect anti-hero for this show, who, throughout the series we will be rooting for. Bob Odenkirk slips snugly back into his thrift store suit, playing the role as beautifully as he did before. This opening episode gears us, the audience, up for what’s to come, a journey on one of the worst days in Saul’s life, with some familiar faces popping up, (I wouldn’t dare to say who) and twists and turns at every corner. The writing as always is sharp, with the use of dialogue extremely considered and at the end of the episode we all know that for the rest of the season, it’s all going to go off.

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