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Convenience, is anything but.   Shaan (Adeel Akhtar) invades Ajay’s (Ray Panthaki) home as he is on the run from the Russians.  Ajay is eight thousand, five hundred pounds and sixty two pence in debt to be exact and has………no money.  None.

Ajay comes up with a cunning plan.  Rob a convenience store, of course!   The lads arrive at a petrol station around midnight to find there is nothing in the till, and the safe doesn’t unlock until six am, so the boys decide to lock all the staff in the basement and pose as shop workers for six hours until the safe opens.   What could go wrong?   Well.  A lot.


Written by Simon Fantauzzo and directed by BAFTA winner Keri Collins, this action Brit flick comedy, packs a punch with a heart.  A formidable cast that also includes Vicki McClure as Levi the shop supervisor, see’s this trio of actors play well off each other as a strong ensemble, keeping the audience thoroughly entertained throughout.

Convenience is a high energy comedy that is well worth the watch.  Enjoy!

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Reviewed by Chantelle Dusette

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