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It was at 3am on a Saturday morning unable to sleep when I decided to take advantage of the quiet and devote my attention to Netflix and see what might catch my fancy.

Dior and I

I’d heard in the news the day before that Raf Simons was leaving Dior after only three years of service and when Dior & I popped up in my suggestions feed I thought I’d give it a go. To my pleasant surprise I had been swallowed whole into another world,the beautiful haute couture world and not just any haute couture as I was about to find, the Dior kind. A wonderfully crafted docu-film, I was hooked pretty much immediately, transfixed for the next hour and a half and completely unable to go back to sleep (and indeed for some time after watching).
Directed by Frederic Tcheng (Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel) the film cleverly first introduces us to Dior, we get a glimpse into this passionate perfectionist who had an obsession with flowers, yes flowers. DIOR-AND-I-Movie-Raf-SimmonsWe find Christian Dior is made up of two halves, the incredibly private Dior and the reluctantly public Dior. Cut straight to Raf Simons, a tall, gentle gentleman with oodles of presence, this is his first day at the fashion house in Paris, and this legendary building is giving him the jitters, Dior’s presence is palpable and we are even told that the atelier believe his ghost roams through the building (there are stories to back this theory up). This may be Mr Simons new gig as head of the house but there is only one master – Christian Dior.  Raf Simons is introduced to all the staff, they all seem to respond well, although most seem to prefer Pieter Mulier, Raf’s right hand man. Mr Simons enjoys spending his time at the atelier and lets us know that he enjoys one on one contact with all the staff wherever he works, some of the staff at Dior have been there for some forty years, it really is everyone’s life. The passion, commitment and most strikingly – loyalty are attributes that each and every member of the house possess…..perhaps the spirit of Dior himself?
dior2We are taken on a journey from inception to end of Mr Simons debut haute couture collection for Dior and although legendary in his own right it is evident from the start that this will be no easy feat. The pressure is on. From the sketches, to auditioning models, to the private
moments of quiet inspiration for Raf Simons, to the extensive sewing detail and the show itself, we see a man who is stepping into the shoes of an all powerful ghost wanting so desperately to do make his successor proud. He has even taken to reading his Mr Dior’s autobiography as a means to understand him. The story telling is clever, it is interwoven between past (Dior) and present
(Simons) and it is clear to see parallels between the pair, which does feel coincidental and genuine.
A breathtaking story to watch about the coming together of many for one sole purpose – making good art. Incredibly inspiring. Dior would have been proud.

By Chantelle Dussette

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