Forget Resolutions join The New Year’s Revolution!

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The New Year’s Revolution!


At midnight our previous year flashed before us as our New Year appeared as a welcoming window of hope. We hugged and kissed loved ones, chinked glasses and promised new resolutions. We do so for the sake of tradition but if we look at hard facts, as per research carried out by an online shopping site (, it seems only 3% of us will keep to a resolution for the full 12 months. In fact, it was revealed that the majority of those who make resolutions would quit after three and a half weeks. That makes Friday 22nd January 2016 the landmark ‘Failing Friday!’ Looking at it from a business perspective, our tradition of resolutions is a failure and what would we do with a flagging business? Inject change or bin it off and think again.

No wonder people feel like a let-down with rigid plans and no flexibility – how unrealistic is that? Due to my diagnosis of bipolar I live a life managing the unforeseen and unpredictable and it’s impossible to abide by rules and rigidity long term. While reacting to what life throws at us, it’s hard to change habits and take different life directions. We often have to trial our efforts with the hope to achieve what we desire.

The New Year’s Revolution takes you on an ongoing journey where you can take control of your life and make changes. Throwing that horrible perception that breaking a resolution equals failure, out of new year's revolution-new-year's-revolution-green-font-letters-words-doing-your-best-is-good-enoughthe window. Do look at things as a challenge and yes, we should push our boundaries but this life is stressful as it is. What we face in this world on a daily basis is hard enough without us throwing even more pressure onto ourselves. If we could snap our fingers and change things immediately there would be no things such as obesity or addiction but we know this is impossible. So why do we continually test a failed strategy every single year?

Change starts small and develops over time until you don’t realise the tough part is over and your lifestyle and way of thinking is different. We need patience, education and a support network with a strong sense of will to try to change. Doing your best IS good enough and that’s all that matters. I can’t change my diagnosis and can relapse into depression but I have never stopped trying to help myself in the hope that next time won’t be so bad. I have behaved erratically, drank to cope and pained others but if I continually looked on myself as a failure I question whether I would be here today. I appreciate my example is extreme but it’s taking a step back and looking at our lives as a whole instead of having tunnel vision on specific things we think we can snap into a place of perceived perfection.

The New Year’s Revolution likes to take the doom and gloom out of resolutions and replace with a much more positive way of thinking. For instance, most girls are desperate to lose weight in the New Year but rather than pinching the tummy fat or prodding the thighs in desperation, it’s about looking new year's revolution-new-year's-revolution-green-font-letters-words-doing-your-best-is-good-enoughat the bigger picture. Isn’t it better to think of eating a more balanced diet as a way to get goodness into the body to think better and feel better? Isn’t it more effective to think of exercise as pumping endorphins around the body so you can feel happier? Ask yourself if your family and friends would judge you on your shape? I’m thinking no. Do it for the positives, not as a result of the media vacuum promoting crash diets and ramming ‘before’ and ‘after’ celebrity pictures down our throats.

The New Year’s Revolution pulls rank. It doesn’t stand for bullying or teasing if someone desperately wants to change something but it doesn’t work out. Who realistically wants to be ‘that’ person who kicks someone while they’re down? If someone sets you back and reinforces your thoughts of failure, tell yourself this. Their behaviour says way more about them than you. Maybe they’re jealous of your trying? Or insecure themselves? Don’t worry about what others think.

I am happy to lead ‘The New Year’s Revolution’ but in homage to its philosophy maybe we should call it the ‘All Year Revolution’. We may start to change on the 1st January but in truth we can start anytime and we should always begin with small, realistic goals. Small bricks build big houses. We don’t have to be one of the stats who throw the towel in at the end of January. Let’s prove people wrong. Let others sprint ahead and fall at the first hurdle whilst we smile, jog past and pace ourselves for our marathon. We might trip along the way but we WILL get up! Anyway who cares when we finish? Our mindsets are already way ahead of the pack.

Don’t grin and bear it. Share it.

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