It’s NO-vember for Those London Chicks


Hey Chicks, It’s NO-vember


We at Those London Chicks have decided to do our own version of ‘Movember”. On deciding to do this, we obviously had a little Google and saw that all those moustached men who didn’t want to shave, were discounted from really being included in “Movember”, but who still wanted to give money to Charity already came up with NO-vember. So however much we’d like take credit for first proclaiming this catchy concept, we’re not……… but hey ho. It’s for charity and it’s about learning to appreciate the little luxuries we start to take for granted, and giving something back.

Let us take you through our version of NO-vember. It’s basically LENT in November but you donate the money you would have spent “on your luxuries” to Charity. Maybe along the way we can make it more ‘Chicks.  Centric’…. Chickember? NO-chivember? We’re not totally convinced either, but if you think of something let us know.
Here are the editors ‘No’s’ for No-vember.
NOvemberKate is giving up her little expensive dirty habit of Starbucks. It’s her one vice since giving up sweets, on Dentist’s orders. So however weak it sounds it will be tough for her. Kate roughly has 5 per week and embarrassingly, whinges on those two days a week that she is pushed to go without. So that is about £3.00 a day ( she takes her own mug) but we are planning on checking what they are charging this year for the Christmas drinks as we know no other option gets a look in once the Gingerbread latte is back in town.
Karen is giving up buying unnecessary snack foods while out and about in London. She will be saying ‘No’ to spending disproportionate amounts of money on items like packaged carrot batons with Houmous,  pre cut packets of fruit or flapjack type bars. the list goes on. It all mounts up, especially at West End prices. She’ll lose the lazy, instead, she will opt for organization and good old Tupperware! Always having snacks tucked in her tote, pre prepared at home at a fraction of the cost.

At the end of the month they will donate the money would have  squandered to a Charity of Those London Chicks choice. It may not amount to masses, but as we all know every little helps!

Who’s with us??
Let us know what’s going to be your No’s for #No-vember.