Nymphomaniac vol 1 & 2 Review

Nymphomaniac vol 1 & 2: Review

High sex drive or Hypersexuality?


Nymphomanic Vphotool 1& 2 a two part film written and directed by Lars Von Trier who also wrote (Dancer in the Dark and Breaking the Waves) and many others. This controversial film attracted an impressive cast, led by Charlotte Gainsbourg and Stellan Skarsgard. The story chronicles ‘Jo’s’ (Gainsbourg) journey through her self diagnosed nymphomania. The film begins when ‘Seligman’ (Skarsgaard) rescue’s Jo from an alley where she is left after a beating. He takes her home and offers refuge. The dramatic premise is a recounting of her life to the non threatening lonely bachelor (Seligman), it’s almost an explanation to how and why she ended up in an alley badly beaten. The action switches between scenes from her childhood onwards, to the present day.,in a room at Seligman”s house. He draws parallels of Fly Fishing and Mathematics, to the tales of her sexual proclivities , possibly through embarrassment. As the piecing together of Jo’s life falls into place we begin to see the unraveling of what we thought was a confident woman with a high sex drive, to an out of control sex addict. Which, like any other addiction puts her into extremely dangerous situations. She stops at nothing in order to fulfill her ‘high’, subsequently destroying everything in her wake…. That of course leads her to ultimately lose everything. Because of the subject matter, the piece it is very graphic, however, it never feels gratuitous. (I believe in the making of the film, porn doubles and prosthetics were used). It’s a deeply engrossing, fascinating look into Sex Addiction , the ‘buzz phrase’ sometimes seen as an ‘excuse’ for infidelities…it’s a grossly misunderstood disease, that Von Trier has had to deal with himself. With detailed, heartfelt and raw performances especially from Gainsbourg, this really is one for your bucket list. It’s a good DVD choice as I believe it’s best enjoyed from the comfort of your own home (couldn’t imagine watching in a cinema).You also have the option of viewing them back to back if you desire.


Review by Karen Bryson

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