Open Concept Floor Plans For Small Homes: Effective Ways For a Larger Look

Even though we’re constantly told that having a small home is the way to go, many people end up with smaller homes, which can be very convenient in the long run. Smaller homes are easier to maintain and can help you save money that you’d otherwise spend on electricity and heating bills. Yet, despite all the upsides of a small home, the real issue can be organizing space and what to do when you realize that there isn’t enough of it. But, before you start to despair, remember that there are always solutions that can turn your small home into a well-planned and stylish space. One of these solutions is an open concept floor plan, which is very popular nowadays because it combines different rooms and it also helps a family stay together and be closer. So here are some open concept plans that will transform your home and change the way you see it:

Open Concept Floor Plans For Small Homes: Effective Ways For a Larger Look

Don’t use a lot of furniture

In order to get the best of your small space, it’s better to use fewer furniture pieces, especially if you want to merge two or three rooms into one. Instead, you can use furniture as a way of dividing space, for example, get a massive sofa that will act as a wall between your living and dining room. That way you can give your furniture multiple purposes, and besides, living in a small space doesn’t really allow you to have a lot of furniture and decor pieces. Instead, focus on utilizing the space and making it look bigger, and the best way to achieve that is to get one big piece of furniture which will make space seem more open. Smaller furniture can only further clutter the space which is something you definitely want to avoid when making an open space floor.

Open Concept Floor Plans For Small Homes: Effective Ways For a Larger Look


Make it bright and well-lit

Due to less space and more furniture, smaller homes are usually less lit, so this can also be an issue when merging the rooms together. That’s why you should focus on brighter and neutral colors since they’re great at reflecting light. Making the space well-lit is a prerequisite if you want your open floor plan to work. So, in that case, you should focus on getting big large windows and curtains that are flowy and light. Also, don’t forget to focus on keeping your place illuminated during the evening and night so make sure to choose the appropriate chandeliers, pendant lights, and lamps.

Open Concept Floor Plans For Small Homes: Effective Ways For a Larger Look

Floors are important

The right floor can sometimes make or break the space, so it’s necessary to focus on getting the floors that are light and preferably reflective with gloss finishes. Light colors will give the impression of a larger space while opting for natural flooring products will make your open floor plan look more seamless and better-put. Also, dark flooring can work, but only if there’s already enough amount of natural light in the room. 

Open Concept Floor Plans For Small Homes: Effective Ways For a Larger Look

Add a focal point 

A focal point is a corner or an object that adds the visual interest into your room. That’s especially beneficial for smaller spaces, as the focal point is often only one thing which means less or almost no cluttering. So, if you’re looking to decorate your open floor, then adding a fireplace, a small accent wall or a big statement art piece will add a whole new dimension to your space, since it can also help you organize other furniture, by adding it next or close to your focal point. Having something that automatically draws attention will also shift the focus from the lack of space.

Use the space wisely

The small houses often suffer from lack of spaces, so that’s why their owners have to find creative solutions to keep and store their furniture and other belongings. That’s why it’s important to utilize your space wisely so you won’t end up having unused and empty spaces. Also, adding too many rugs and carpets will just add more clutter to your open floor, so make sure to keep everything simple and well-organized. Additionally, it’s crucial to mention the importance of scales and proportions. For example, contrasting a larger bookcase with a smaller sofa can add a well-needed balance to your open floor. 

Living in a small home doesn’t mean there are no ways to make the best of tiny space. There are many creative solutions, so feel free to experiment with various styles and themes, until you make it work for you. Remember to think of proportions and keep the space well-lit and free of clutter, so your open floor will be stylish and tidy at the same time.

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