Partner Yoga How-To With Christy and Meg


Howdy, Friends! We are BFF yogis, Christy and Meg! Christy (left) is a yoga studio owner and Meg (right) is a photographer (specializing in newborn babies). We’ve known each other for about 5 years and in each other have found a friendship full of love, laughter and acceptance.  Practicing partner yoga together has definitely strengthened that bond! In January, we started a 365 day partner yoga project entitled Partner Yoga 365. Follow along on Instagram, and do it with us!

Before you Begin:

  • Find a partner you can trust. Trust is the very foundation of all partner yoga (and friendship, for that matter!)
  • Decide who will be the “base” and who will be the “flyer” The base is generally the person who is bigger, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. In the examples below, Christy is the base, and Meg is the flyer. Christy is super strong, so she makes a good, solid base. Meg recently had a baby, so she is trying to rebuild her core…she’s getting there!
  • Consider using a spotter.  It’s often helpful to have a spotter to help you get into some of the trickier poses, and also to check your alignment. A spotter can see things you can’t necessarily see when you’re in the posture.
  • Be mindful of your body and what it’s telling you. If something doesn’t feel right, it isn’t. Re-position or come out of it completely, and try again.
  • Laugh, have fun, take pictures, post them, tag us ?

Let’s Do It!

The Base gets into Downward Facing Dog. In your Down Dog, your feet are hip distance apart, and your hands are shoulder width apart. Press your thighs toward your chest and engage your core. Create a strong foundation. Take a moment and breathe….this is a great, restorative posture!


The Flyer mindfully climbs aboard the Base. The key is to move slowly and allow the Base time to balance and center herself. The Flyer prepares to align her stomach with the Base’s center back, and to move her hands down to the floor next to the Base’s hands.


The Base stays strong as the Flyer places all of her weight into her hands and leans into the Base’s upper back. Finding balance, engage the core and be sure both the Base and Flyer are stable. Oh, now SMILE!


Once both are stable, the Flyer engages her core and presses her weight into the upper back of the Base as she points her feet to the sky and lifts off.


The Flyer can then create an arch in her back, as long as it feels comfortable and safe, while continuing to point her toes. Her entire body is engaged!

Try it for yourself! Have someone snap a photo and post it on Instagram! Tag us and we will show you some love! @christyandmeg and hashtag #christyandmeg

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