Partner Yoga How-To With Christy and Meg



Hi Fellow Chicks! We are Christy and Meg! Christy (left) is a yoga studio owner and has a teenage son. Meg (right) is a photographer (specializing in newborn babies) with 5 sons (4 teenagers and an 11 month old!). Life is an ever-changing whirlwind! We are best friends who have started a year-long Partner Yoga Project for 2017 called Partner Yoga 365.

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Before you begin…

  • Find a partner you can trust. Trust is the very foundation of all partner yoga (and friendship, for that matter!)
  • Decide who will be the “base” and who will be the “flyer” The base is generally the person who is bigger, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. In the examples below, Christy is the base, and Meg is the flyer
  • Do you need a spotter? It’s often helpful to have a spotter to help you get into some of the trickier poses, and also to check your alignment.
  • Listen to your body. If something doesn’t feel right, it isn’t. Re-position or come out of it completely, and try again.
  • Have fun! 🙂

Ready, Set, Go!

The Base should lie on her back with her hips grounded to the earth and her legs straight up, toes flexed.




The Flyer places the feet of the Base between her hips, stabilizing her center.




The Flyer leans her weight onto the Base’s feet as they connect hands palm-to-palm, being mindful not to interlace fingers. Both straighten their arms and begin to trust.




The Flyer shifts her weight onto the Base’s feet, keeping the connection of hands and straight arms. The Base engages her core and carries the weight of the Flyer.




The Flyer then leans her weight forward, trusting the Base. She separates her legs into a wide-legged straddle with toes pointing down.




The Base guides the Flyer’s hands over their heads, keeping the connection of the palms, as the Flyer connects the soles of her feet together into Supta Baddha Konasana (bound angle pose)




The Flyer then stretches her knees wide to a comfortable position as the Base holds the weight evenly. This creates a a slight arch in the Flyer’s back and allows her to get a nice stretch!




Have fun! Allow the connection between the Base and Flyer to be trusting, and enjoy the giving and receiving of Partner Yoga!



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