Partner Yoga How-To with Christy and Meg


Partner Yoga is all the rage these days! It’s fun, great exercise, fosters trust between partners, and it just looks cool! With that being said, allow us to introduce ourselves! We are Christy and Meg! Christy (left) is a yoga studio owner and has a teenage son. Meg (right) is a photographer (specializing in newborn babies) with 5 sons (4 teenagers and an 8 month old!). Life is never boring, that’s for sure! We are best friends who have started a year-long Partner Yoga Project for 2017 called Partner Yoga 365. Look us up on Instagram and follow along!

Before you begin…

  • Find a partner you trust. This is quite important, for obvious reasons.
  • Decide who will be the “base” and who will be the “flyer” The base is generally the person who is bigger, but that doesn’t always have to be the case.
  • Find a spotter. It’s often helpful to have a spotter to help you get into some of the trickier poses, and also to check your alignment.
  • Listen to your body. If something doesn’t feel right, it isn’t. Re-position or come out of it completely, and try again.
  • Have fun with it! Partner yoga can invite a sense of playfulness into your practice. We bust out laughing a minimum of 5 times per session, and we bet you will too!

Here we go!

The Base should lie down on her back on the ground with her knees bent. Flyer is to stand facing away from the Base near her feet.







The Base places her feet firmly at the Flyer’s lower back with her heels resting on her butt. The Flyer gently leans back, trusting her partner.






Flyer bends backwards reaching with her arms toward her feet for balance. Base gently reaches for the Flyer’s shoulders as she lifts her legs to straighten, lifting the Flyer off the ground at the same time.







You have reached the Back Bird pose. Now the Flyer should bend her knees and grab her ankles with her hands. She’s now in Bow Pose. This is a beautiful pose all by itself. If this is where your comfort level is, hang out right here! Mission accomplished!






If you’re feeling confident and secure, have a little fun and kick up a leg! Grab one foot with both hands as you balance the opposite foot to straighten to the sky!







Tada! You did it! When you get this pose, have someone snap a photo and post it on Instagram! Tag us and we will show you some love! @christyandmeg and hashtag #christyandmeg




Of course,  no partner yoga session is complete without some bloopers!



The divine light in us honors the divine light in each of you. We honor each other with gratitude, non-judgement, and acceptance.

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#PartnerYoga365 Day 54 with Christy @yogastudio_8 and Meg @omeggadesigns⠀ ⠀ Beautiful, you are already a queen.. but even better than that, women like you and I do not need to have such a high ranking. We uplift other women and put them in their highest light. We cannot do that at the top; only beneath them or beside them can we lift them. I don't want to be a queen.. I want to be with the people, in their hard times being relatable to their hurt and pain. I want to be on my knees beside them tasting their tears and breaking my own heart simultaneously. I want to feel their breath as they cry out their feelings and shake through their emotions. I want to touch their faces and hold their hands and do whatever it takes to help them smile again. I can't get a smile from you if I'm above you forcing you to look up. Look straight across from me and see that I am here and that I see you. Truth!

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