Pedi Ready… Summer Footwear


Pedi Ready…

Summer Footwear…. Fashion for your feet!

Pedicures are definitely a prerequisite for summer feet. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy.  Sometimes a fresh natural nail looks perfect on a tanned foot paired with leather sandals. Or you can go for it with glitter toes and jazz up a simple flip flop.  I personally like to mix it up a little but generally I’m drawn to a vibrant coral, to me it’s a perfect colour to match my summer wardrobe.
This summer I’m coverting the Menorcan sandal (this style of sandal comes under many different names)

images 1-3 pinterst

I just love the idea of twinning with my little one.

images 4,5,6,7

The old faithful Birkenstock is definitely going from strength to strength and although it may not be the sexiest of styles it certainly makes up for it on the comfort front.



There are so many sandal styles out there to choose from. The high street has an abundance of affordable styles.Marks & Spencers have a great flat lace up. Here’s Erica Davies from The Edited wearing hers.




I love the way Innika Choo has styled her Zara gladiators with a loose fit dress. Alexa rocking a pair of saltwater sandals and Alex from The Frugality has me adding a pair of  Swedish Hasbeens to my list.

images 9,10.11,12

Here’s a compilation of summer footwear to set your imagination flowing.

images 13,14,15,16,17,18

Couldn’t resist slipping this pair in. Swoon worthy Chanels!


I hope you’re feeling inspired….

By Ali Walker

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