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If you haven’t already been bullied into trying Person Of Interest by your friends then I am going to do it right now. It may seem that I pick holes at the show but despite them, it is still addictive and definitely worth being your choice for the few months. Or if you are anything like me blitzing episode after episode; few weeks over the festive period. Get out your blanket and get ready to start freaking out about Big Brother and wanting Jim Caviezel to turn up everywhere and kick everybody’s behinds.

Michael Emerson

Person Of Interest delves into the back stories of Reese (Jim Caviezel) a former CIA agent and Finch (Michael Emerson) a mysterious billionaire who built the ‘Machine’. The ‘Machine’ is what bonds this unlikely pairing and enables them to help stop crime in New York City.

I personally feel that Caviezel and Emerson have created caricature characters and almost over play them. I’ve wondered if that was the actors’ choice or the director’s and it plays on my mind throughout the show. The fact they are both such great actors enables you to enjoy their severe choices, leads you to feel like you know them and what it is they will do each time the odds are turned out of their favour. Thus making you feel connected to something so out of reach of most of our day to day lives. But is it? I believe it is the conspiracy theorist in all of us that makes Person Of Interest so captivating and addictive. I certainly look up a lot more frequently since watching to search for cameras perched on street lamps and on the side of big corporate buildings. I’ve also found myself wishing there were more on my own street! That would have been helpful the three times people decided to vandalise our car!

The subject matter works so well, as it’s such a huge issue being addressed in lot of movies at the moment and is especially current here in the UK, with the ‘Snooper’s Charter’ being called into question and re writes being demanded not to mention the subject matter of the new Bond film Spectre. There’s even been a hugely popular PS4 game called Watchdogs, which is apparently almost identical in story to Person of Interest.

Enrico Colantoni

Throughout the seasons there are many great cameo’s including a recurring role by Enrico Colantoni who I think always nails the roles he takes and is a joy to watch. One of my favourite female actors also plays a key role but does not appear until you are well into the first series so I don’t want to ruin the surprise!

If you are not keen on violence and try to keep your children away from violent TV shows then I would possibly avoid watching. It is not bloody, graphic or gory but there are quite a few punches thrown and a lot of cold blooded kills. Not graphic, but it isn’t hidden.

person-of-interest-jim-caviezel-actor-netflix-hollywood-tv-successful-personofinterest-I must admit, I am a bit of a TV series fan. There’s something so cosy after a hard days work or on a weekend about grabbing a blanket and curling up in front of your streaming company of choice. Unless you are a Jim fan, you may have skipped passed Person of Interest in the past and I can understand why. But don’t. If you liked Prison Break, 24 or Homeland, I think you’ll find this up your ally.


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