Fashion Vs Style Vs Height


Shorty swing my way….

Fashion Vs Style Vs Height. And by height, I mean petite, vertically challenged, the- under-five foot-club…y’know small, yet oh so perfectly formed.

As I proudly possess a short and curvy frame, there have been times in the past where I have had advice (both offered and sought) of what my vertically challenged self should and shouldn’t wear. Some of said advice stuck, some had me scratching my head and some simply left an imaginative cartoon type question mark floating just above me.

My dear, did you know there are even ‘rules?’ I know! Somebody (somewhere) has created a set list of what would suit my shape. ‘Follow these, and you’ll be fine’ these rules yell.

Yes, yes, I hold my head in shame that once upon a time, I succumbed to each and every one of said rules. But then a thought occurred; what if whoever gives this advice is: 1. not petite, 2. not female, 3. not fussed about style and fashion? Basically, a type of person who may never know what is it like to walk in slightly heeled shoes?

I was then presented with an opportunity to discuss a more accurate version of events…not only as a short and curvy femme, but also from a femme who:
Cannot always afford a tailor (to take in those extra inches)
May not like shopping in the kiddie section of their favourite store (yup)
Likes to mix things up a bit. High street, Vintage, Designer and more in between.
Is ensuring style and outfits are a reflection of the person you aspire to be

It’s time to close the chapter of being ‘told’ and embrace creativity whilst getting the look you want.


true religion long denim skirt

Skirts- Denim

What a fantastic garment to begin with. With a huge variety; pencil, long, high waist…skirts are truly awesome! What is even better is when you take a traditional style and recreate it in denim – the universal material.

A long denim skirt is ideally for the weekend, rather than a typical look for the office. Worn with plain top and simple accessories, you can create a look which is ‘smart/casual’ rather than ‘casual/smart’.

aren 1-2
Katie Holmes and Claudia Schiffer looking great in Denim.

I do love a pencil skirt! My favourite denim pencil has to have buttons running down the front is homage to 1970’s nostalgia. Or for a special night out the asymmetrical ruffled pencil is a show-stopper. I would suggest wearing this style with a pair of heels, to ensure both legs appear elongated.

Long denim Skirt Short denim skirt with Buttons SAINT LAURENT Short denim skirt – style pantry


The short denim can be worn almost anything; blazers (smart look) t-shirt (casual day). Until warm weather is almost guaranteed (i.e the Summer months) wear with dark opaque tights, then get your pins out…what is stopping you!