Pineapple Coconut Breakfast Smoothie


Pineapple Coconut Breakfast Smoothie.

I always associate pineapple with tropical holidays. Cutting up such a large fruit its almost like a bit of an occasion. In my mind the Pineapple represents a little bit of sunshine! The Pineapple contains a wealth of nutrients including large amounts of vitamin C, its also a great way to get important dietary fibre.

Fun Fact: Spiney on the outside sweet on the inside.  The fruit is actually made of many individual berries that fuse together around a central core. Each Pineapple is an individual berry!

This particular breakfast Smoothie has quite a few variations so you can change things up daily. Once you’ve cut into the Pineapple for this first recipe you can keep the rest in a tupperware in the fridge for your next few smoothies. One other suggestion would be to section into cubes and freeze. This smoothie is seriously delicious! Rich, thick and very filling.

This is a super simple smoothie with very few ingredients.

smoothie ingredientsIngredients 

1 Cup of fresh pineapple cubes

1 Cup of Coconut Water or a small carton of Vita Coco

1/4 Cup of unsweetened  Coconut Flakes or desiccated Coconut


1/2 a Banana ( I used frozen) It made the smoothie a little creamier as I used coconut water.

1 Cup of Coconut Milk

1 tbsp Ground Chia Seeds or other seeds you may have in your cupboard to keep you fuller for longer


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Give this Smoothie a go, its gorgeous!!


We have a whole smoothie section of delicious recipes for you to try, there’s something for everyone!

By Karen Bryson 

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