Pistachio Almond and Lime Muffins

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Ingredients for Pistachio, Almond and Lime Muffins

  • 100g pistachios
  • 120g (gluten free) flour
  • 50g ground almonds
  • 1 tsp baking powder (gf)
  • 175g unsalted butter (room temperature)
  • 175g caster sugar
  • 2 medium eggs
  • 1/2 tsp almond extract
  • 2 limes (juice and zest of both)
  • 25ml almond milk (or whatever milk you have in the fridge)
  • 40g flaked almonds

preheat oven to 180oC

9 muffin cases and a muffin sheet

1) In a nutri bullet or food processor chuck in your pistachios and grind/whizz until fine and flour like (you can do this with a pestol and mortar, elbow grease and a bit of time if you don’t have a processor) Pour this into a medium bowl along with the gluten free flour, ground almonds and baking powder. Mix well with a wooden spoon and set aside.

2) In a large bowl whisk together the butter and sugar for at least 3-4 minutes until lighter and player in colour. Then add the eggs, almond extract, lime zest and juice and whizz again for a minute or so.

3) Pour half of the ‘flour/nut’ bowl into the large bowl as well as half of the milk. Fold together carefully with a wooden spoon until everything has only just come together. DO NOT OVER MIX. Then repeat with the remaining flour/nut combo and milk.

4) Pour this mixture into the lined muffin sheet until they are full and level to the top. Scatter the flaked almonds on top of the muffins and place on the middle shelf of your preheated oven.

5) Leave them to bake for about 22-24 minutes. After about 17/18 minutes, if they look like they are browning a bit too much, cover the top with some foil for the last 5 mins. (The muffins will still cook, but won’t brown – I like them quite pale!) They are ready when a skewer inserted comes out clean. Leave them to cool in the tin and then turn out onto a wire rack to cool completely. Then eat (and share – if you have to!)


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