Planning My Wedding


Cayman Vs UK

Bess’s Engagement Ring

The first thoughts that go through your head when the person you love proposes to you are such excitement and happiness.  It’s a mad rush to tell as many people as you can, as fast as you can!
After a few weeks, you and your friends have already gone through all of the up to date wedding magazines and suddenly you are hit with the realisation of how much it takes to organise a wedding, and how much time, energy and money it is going to devour! I never even imagined the amount of turmoil it would cause and decision making it would require!

Those London Chicks - Wedding
Bess, her fiance (Ollie) and their puppy Luna

The first year of our engagement was totally focused on moving to Grand Cayman. It’s a beautiful Caribbean island, with some of the world’s best beaches and diving…which is my heaven! I have lived there before so it wasn’t so scary but it is always so hard saying goodbye. After the first 8 months passed and we had settled in, we decided to start thinking about actually planning a wedding. That was the easy part.
The first issue that loomed over us immediately was which country to get married in.
This was a tough one. It is a pretty major decision that a lot of people don’t have to deal with in the same way.  A choice between an island we love, where we live, with our friends, puppy and beautiful surroundings, versus a home where most of our friends and family are.
People pay thousands to get married in Cayman, and it seems stupid not to take advantage of that. But on the other hand, there are elderly grandparents to consider. And mothers telling you how unfair it is to expect family and friends to pay thousands of pounds to fly out there… Guilt trip? Maybe. The ironic thing about it is that it would be cheaper for us to have the wedding in Cayman, as there is no need to book venues, churches, catering and so much more. You can just pick a spot on the beach, pick a minister and ask the local restaurant to do a BBQ.  We both put in a lot of careful consideration into this, and went round and round in circles trying to decide what to do.  I even found myself throwing in the occasional curve ball; maybe we should pick a totally different country. Italy is nice! Or what about Greece?!

Bess and Ollie’s Engagement Cake

Okay, maybe I started to loose the plot. It is just so frustrating when you want to make progress but a single decision has you split 50/50 down the middle, and neither option seems perfect.
Eventually, we decided to have the wedding in England. Family has to come first.  A beach wedding was always what I thought I wanted. Sandy feet, linen suits, unfussy dresses, and a beautiful sunset as a perfect backdrop.  However, if you are lucky enough to have a wonderful family to share your day with, it is worth organising the day to involve them if possible. Lets face it, there are worse countries to get married in! Rolling countryside, amazing views, tonnes of culture and style to incorporate and the best food and drink! We will pay a bit more for the wedding but all our guests will be there without having to go bankrupt.
Now that this decision has been made, and our trip home for our summer vacation has been booked, we have three weeks to visit all the venues, churches and dress shops possible! Is it sad that I made an itinerary of our time home???  It’s the one chance we will have to see things in person, so we must make the most of it! Looking at everything we need to do makes our decision to marry in England seem even more like the tiniest first step in what seems like a never ending road to our ‘perfect wedding!’