How Positivity and Self-Help Could Improve Your Life

How Positivity and Self-Help Could Improve Your Life-positivi†y

Over the past two decades, positive psychology has gained the support of the academia community and the general public and is now recommended as one of the best solutions for personal improvement. It is seen as the embodiment of happiness and a perfect route through which an individual can achieve contentment and peace in life.

What is positive psychology?

By definition, positive psychology is a scientific study of the things that make life worth living, or simply an investigation of the basic human functions that lead to good life. It focuses on factors that contribute the attainment of a fulfilling well-lived life. It began in 1988 as a domain of psychology and has continued to attract support from the academia community as well as from the general public, many citing its positive benefits that have proven to elevate the standards of the individual to enjoy unique benefits.


Positive psychologists have provided different suggestions through which individuals can achieve happiness. These include fostering social ties with friends, family, and broad networks and social organizations that could help to bring the needed support to enhance the way one lives. Others have cited that physical exercise and meditation could also be avenues through which an individual can attain the much needed peace and happiness.

How can positivity help you?

Positive thinking, or positive self-talk, could help an individual manage stress and anxiety. Positivity is not structured to ignore other serious concerns in life, but to ensure while you may have difficulties in some aspects of life, you also embrace the positive side of it and enjoy the fruits of what good you get from life. It is ensuring that even when pursuing challenges you do so with a positive outlook. Positivity can lead you to achieve a number of things in life including:

  • Better coping skills when hardships hit you

  • Increased life span

  • Improves cardiovascular health and minimizes the risk of death due to cardiovascular disease

  • Helps to lower the levels of distress

  • Reduces rates of depression

  • Enhances resistance to common cold

  • Improved physical and psychological well-being

Self-help mechanisms

You could embrace mechanisms to help you cope with different difficult situations in life. These are some of the things you could do for coping.

  • Suppression

This is where you decide not to talk about or engage in anything related to distressing thoughts or feelings. You remain aware of them but you don’t allow them to intimidate you by not dealing with them.

  • Altruism

In this case, you choose to support and help others facing similar thoughts. This improves your coping and alienates the effects of the bad thoughts, which helps you to retain a clear mind and a positive outlook.

  • Distraction

You simply put all your focus on something less intimidating or depressing while putting off all depressing thoughts.


Crystal healing

This is a healing technique that employs the use of crystals and stones to cure ailments and offer protection against disease. Experts of the healing method argue that the crystals serve as conduits for healing and allow positive healing energy to penetrate into the body to flush out negative disease-causing energy.

How crystal healing can positively impact your life

This healing solution works in different ways to improve your life. To understand how it could help you, it is necessary to review healing crystals and their meanings.

  • Bloodstone for energy

Blood stone crystals act as powerful energizers that help to boost enthusiasm and increase drive while maintaining emotional wellbeing. They help you overcome lethargy, self-doubt, and negative thoughts.

  • Smoky quartz to let go

The smoky quartz crystals help to transmute energy and function as a protective layer against energy that is unwanted. You are able to let go of old patterns that could be holding you back.

  • Turquoise for healing

This is known as a master healer and is believed to have a powerful bridge that connects between heaven and earth. It speaks your truth and sources power from the highest source of love to rejuvenate your spirit and deliver healing.

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