Pre Workout Smoothie


Pre Workout Smoothie.

This delicious smoothie is full of protein, slow release of fuel for your body, making this smoothie perfect for a pre workout snack or for breakfast. With the addition of almonds and low fat cottage cheese (vegan alternative Silken Tofu), this sure packs a protein punch! This gorgeous smoothie also contains one of my favourite ingredients Strawberries, which I’ve used frozen. I can hardly wait for this time of year when the Strawberry is in season. This is an extremely popular fruit and for great reason. Not only is the Strawberry super delicious it’s full of fantastic nutrients, including, folate, potassium, fiber and magnesium. This sweet, slightly tart fruit is ranked among the top 10 fruit and veg for its antioxidant capacity. The antioxidant anthocyanin and their derivatives aids in protecting us from the damaging effects of our environment. So this smoothie is befitting all you London Chicks or any city dweller!


Various studies have the Strawberry is also a great stress reliever as it has the ability to help decrease our blood pressure. Strawberries are an excellent source of Vitamin C which is a well known immunity booster and is vital in the production of collagen, which helps to improve the skins elasticity and resilience…keeping wrinkles at bay. In just one cup there is enough vitamin C for your Daily recommended intake. The addition of Strawberries to my smoothies will always be one of my favourite ways to consume them in the summer months. That, and a good old bowl of strawberries from our garden with cream during Wimbledon!!


1 cup of Strawberries fresh or frozen.

1 cup of Spinach (organic)

1 Banana

¼ cup of Almonds

1 tbl spoon of Cottage Cheese or (Silken Tofu for Vegans)

¼ cup of Blueberries

Water or Soy milk.


De-stem strawberries and slice. If using frozen, slice before you freeze (thaw for a few minutes). Peel and slice banana. Add with other ingredients to blender along with either water or the soy milk. If using a Nutribullet, fill fluid to the maxline Blast!

Smoothie in the Sunshine!

This delicious smoothie will keep you fuller for longer.


By Karen Bryson

Photos: Karen Bryson


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