Pretty Little Liars – Chicks Netflix Picks

If you are in need of an easy watch series then Pretty little Liars is it. It is also possible to follow the story whilst not paying complete attention but I would advise putting down your phone and closing your laptop as there are loads of little nuggets you will miss which make the twists and turn so much more interesting.

I thoroughly enjoyed the show. The acting was good and despite it being an easy watch teen high school show nobody was uncomfortable to watch or a pain to have on screen. The series is basically an elongated version of ‘I know what you did last summer’. I admit to at times in series one being torn away from the action by the too pristine and perfect styling and beautifying of the main girls, leaving me feeling inadequate sat in my joggers and minus a blow dry. However that ended up being one reason to love the show even more, similar to Gossip Girl it became part of the attraction.

The show follows the story of four girls who are reunited a year after the fifth member of their clique, Alison Delaurentis vanished. This illusive fifth member as we learn through the season was not actually the glue we initially believe held them all together. The foursome are harassed through the modern day menace, their mobile phones. Each receiving a text from ‘A’ that haunt them with truths only they and the Alison would know. When Ally’s body turns up it throws suspicions in the air and the real fun begins. This along with family issues, boyfriend dramas of the statutory rape kind and keeping in line at school the show has enough to keep ones eyes glued and desperate to watch six episodes in one go.

If you are looking for a mind bender this is probably not for you but if you enjoyed indulging in  shows like Gossip Girl which is also written the Alloy Entertainment then this is a definite to add to your list.

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