Flashback Friday – Protein Waffle Batons

Now I know not many people have one but we have found it an incredibly valuable investment. Especially when cutting down for a bikini season or getting ready to squeeze back into the little black dress for party season. Whenever its visual over edible everyone always feels deprived and of course instantly craving everything that goes against the desired physique. These Protein Waffle Batons are an edible treat that is so quick and simple to make. Its also high in protein so a great ‘ready to snack on’ when your feeling crabby. That won’t undo all your hard work at the gym!

You will need-

A Blender

Waffle Maker or waffle griddle

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  • 115gms Oats

  • 3 Large Eggs

  • 240ml Soya/Almond Milk (you can use dairy if you prefer)

  • 3 Scoops of Protein Powder (I tend to pick Cookies and Cream as its quite sweet)

  • Optional- I like to add a drop of vanilla extract and some cinnamon for extra flavour!

  • Coconut oil (to base the waffle maker)


Its incredibly simple.

Crack the eggs into the blender.

Add the oats and Protein Powder. Then Blend!

Prep the waffle maker by greasing the trays and then turn on the machine. they do heat up quickly so be ready with your mixture. Due to them being hot thoroughly and quickly you will probably need a couple of attempts at pouring in the mixture quickly without making a mess. They rise incredibly so don’t overfill.

This recipe will make a large batch, enough to share with the family or office. Its handy as first time you may need the excess for pouring practice. The great thing

This is almost like a base mixture which you can easily adapt with herbs or spices to make sweet or savoury. If you use a Vanilla/Natural protein Powder you can usually flavour them with any other ingredients like cheese or oregano and hey will over power any sweetness you may have got from the protein powder.

To Eat

I would probably have them with a nut butter to get some extra good fats! They can also be pretty yummy with some total yogurt and bluberries. Ultimately if your not cutting and are having a party then some dulche de leche in a bowl for your guests to dip them into also goes down a treat!

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