How to Pull Off the Industrial Look at Home

If 20th-century architects and designers were to come here today, they would be so proud to see just how popular this rustic, industrial look has become. The industrial style is known for using quite a small number of colors and very simple materials. This style doesn’t only look cool and chic, but it is also very comfortable and pleasant. The best thing is that you can always implement it in your existing home décor, which means you won’t have to change much.

Add some rustic to your home

Rustic elements are a key component of an industrial style. Steel and wood go together perfectly, and if you have a brick wall decorated with some pretty frames and bookshelves, it will create a sleek contrast. When it comes to kitchen, stainless steel appliances, in combination with open wooden cabinets will do the trick.

Industrial pipes

Ever since people started converting old factories into luxurious lofts and apartments, the industrial look became all the rage. This is why the prices of this key element of industrial design are quite high. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t pull off this look and save some money at the same time. You can easily find some industrial pipes in old factories and use them to make all sorts of crafts for your home. You can make a curtain rod, tables, shelves, jewelry organizers… the options are numerous. All you need is some time and a pinch of imagination.

Children’s room shelf

Shelves are very handy and you should add them wherever you can, throughout your home. They are highly practical and you can always move them around and use in different rooms, for different purposes. For example, they can even make your child’s room look stylish, while displaying their favourite books and toys. Here are some amazing DIY ideas on how to go one step further and make one yourself.

The old vs. new

A fantastic thing about incorporating the industrial style in your home is that you can combine your old, existing furniture with some new elements that will lean towards the old factory style. You can turn your old coffee table into an amazing DIY industrial table, to give your living room an industrial feel.

Paint it black

Black is always a perfect choice when it comes to the industrial style. You can just buy some black paint and color your radiators or photo frames. If you feel that you are not very handy with a paint brush, you can always simply dip some parts of your furniture in black paint. For example, you can do this with your chair legs, coffee table legs or plant pots.

The door

They say that the door you pick says a lot about your personality. Whether you are thinking about replacing your entrance doors or those inside your home, modern aluminum doors will go perfectly with the industrial look. You can always use aluminum frame doors with glass to separate the rooms which will look very sophisticated and organized.

Dos and don’ts

When trying to create this unique look in your home, there are some very important dos and don’ts you need to pay special attention to. You should use faux cowhide to decorate your floors and avoid the girly shabby style because it is much softer than the industrial look. An industrial element should definitely be paired with a vintage one, so always try to soften the industrial element, such as brick wall, with some soft linen curtains or wooden shelves.

As you can see, pulling off the industrial style is not so hard when you know what you want to create, and what you need to create it. Also, keep in mind that it’s all about balance, so try to soften any rugged, rustic element with a softer, vintage element. By following these tips, your interior is bound to look simply lavishing, and you can always search for some new inspiration by browsing through different buildings with an interesting history. We definitely recommend you to get to know your favorite materials and colors first, and then think about the new elements you may incorporate in your home.



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