Rebecca Violette • Disruptive Fashion Brand Launch


Rebecca Violette is a brand created by Rebecca, a doctor and fashion designer. Rebecca’s vision is to create wearable art that challenges societies perceptions of visual difference, storytelling through fabric and fashion.


The launch of ‘Rebecca Violette’ is the culmination of over a decade of works re- garding anatomy, skin, and visual ‘differences’. Rebecca Violette is a qualified medical doctor & NHS England Clinical Entrepreneur who, alongside her studies in medical school, embarked on a creative venture challenging society’s perception of perceived ‘visual difference’ through a collection of designs, fabric prints and gar- ments. The launch event showcases her latest active-wear & couture fashion line in ‘wearable art’, designed by Rebecca using prints inspired by the stories of those liv- ing with visual difference. There will be an opportunity to donate to charities with whom Rebecca has worked in collaboration and will showcase a photography exhi- bition of the individuals who inspired Rebecca’s collection.

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We at Those London Chicks have 25 guest passes for the launch of this exciting, unique brand. ‘Rebecca Vio- lette’ active-wear garments will be available for pre-order on the evening with a small selection of sample accessories for sale.

“We hope you join us in our vision to change the way in which society views visual ‘difference’ and help in celebrating and embracing individuality amidst our society.”

Any readers wishing to attend the launch simply email one of Rebecca’s team and you will receive an e-invite: 

 Monday 18th June 2018 7:15pm reception and Catwalk Launch. Event held in Hackney London.

First come first serve!

Follow them on Twitter: @RebeccaViolett8



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