Remodelling and Expansion Ideas for a Small House

Whether you’ve just bought a fixer-upper, you’re anxious to move in as soon as possible because you’ve always wanted a bigger home, or you’re starting a family and could use more space, there are different options for this project. The additional square footage in your home should be carefully planned because, sometimes, a simple project can turn out to be more expensive than you think and you don’t want to get involved in unplanned projects that will seriously affect your budget. Make sure you keep everything simple – create a building plan and try to stick to the schedule. Here are some tips to get you through the process.


Create a plan

Although you may think that you know how to expand your house, maybe it would be better to seek advice from a professional architect. There are many factors we can’t see and someone who knows what to pay attention to will surely come up with an amazing building plan.

There are many shapes and sizes to choose from and not all of them can be added to a certain type of house. Explain to the experts the purpose of your desired room, how big your budget is and when you want to have everything finished. This will help them find the best option for you and give you the much-needed space.


Building up vs. building out

Many people struggle with the decision of expanding outwards or upwards and there are pros and cons for both of these building processes. When it comes to building out, it causes less disruption to the house. However, you’ll lose a part of the yard so you need to figure out if that’s something you could live with.

On the other hand, building up will leave you with the space in the backyard you’re used to, but you’ll lose some of the space for the stairs so you need to calculate everything to see if adding a new floor is worth it. Apart from that, there are some cities that don’t allow high houses so you need to check the legal regulations in your area.


Work with professionals

Australians know the benefit of having reliable professionals who can help them with their building project. No matter whether they want to add an additional room or something much bigger, they always ask experts for help with the expansion.

That’s why many of them contact trustworthy home builders from Sydney to help them expand their home. It’s important to know what you want to do and let professionals turn your wishes into reality. You want to avoid hidden costs and unpredicted problems, so it’s better to involve the people who know what they’re doing from the early stages of the process.


Always measure twice

Having everything perfectly measured will be your first task and you need to do it precisely in order to create a plan. Depending on the space you have for this project, an architect will draw you some options to choose from. Sometimes, even one inch can make a difference between whether something can fit or not.

The proportions you’re working with are something you can’t change, but you could be creative if you have all the numbers. Don’t stress before you check with the experts if they could realize the ideas you have, but focus on finding ways to include all of your wishes. Maybe you’ll fall in love with a completely different design than the one you had in your mind because of the lack of space. Just try to create a balance between your desires and reality.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that you can’t just start adding space wherever you feel like it. This project requires serious planning and you need to have everything right until the last detail. Make sure your new space is completely functional and that it provides you with everything you needed when you started building it in the first place. There are numerous factors you need to include in this project so be careful with the timeline and the budget as sometimes even the smallest mistake can cost you a lot.

By Emma Joyce

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