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Chicks Picks • Music – RISE Stefan Mørk.

He wrote the track RISE in response to the Global Pandemic we are all fighting. The track and video were recorded while on lockdown. It’s a wonderful reminder to us all of how resilient, we are as human beings. This uplifting track speaks for itself!

Governments across the world have extended the Quarantine period to keep us safe. The entire medical profession from consultants through to cleaners, carers, key workers and of course ALL emergency services continue to put their lives at risk to save ours. To help keep any modicum of “normality”. We are thankful.

Many are struggling, emotionally. Their mental and physical health is faltering. A lot of people are  in Quarantine alone feeling self isolated. For some hope is declining. Hang in there!



We have lost 10’s of thousands of lives across the globe to Corona Virus. We at war. But we will win. We WILL get through this and we will RISE!

Stefan said...

“More than 70 people made this video with out being in the same location, in fact isolated in quaranteen in different homes, cities and countries! This truly is collaboration!! Thanks to everyone who contributed!! WE WILL RISE

Thank you so much to everyone who has participated in the making of this music video!! It is actually possible to make a wonderful video-colab during quarantine.

Thank you Lyra for being “the girl” and for your beautiful art work!! Tim Browning for shooting everything with Lyra and being very enthusiastic and creative as always!! And Charlotte Bruus Christensen for shooting me by the bonfire and grading this entire mosaic of a video!! You guys rock big time!

Lars Rahbek Andresen, Lonnie Kjer, Charlotte Bruus Christensen, Tim Browning, Alex Nyborg Madsen, Silas Holst Josephine Touray Kaae, Soren Andersen, Thomas Herman, Cheley Tackett, Kellindo Parker, Ava Paige, Petrine Agger, Brian Risberg Clausen, Karen Bryson, Sofie Gråbøl, Gemma Arterton, Silas Holst,  Kenneth Carlsen, Keld Heick, Lotte Faldborg Kiærskou,  Morten Remar and  Jonathan Harvey #keepthefaith #letdovescry#letloverule”

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