Sacral Chakra


Sacral Chakra

IMG_20150908_174122Svadhistasana– sweet place of one’s own

Colour: orange

Element: water

How are you feeling today? Ask yourself. How AM I feeling right now?

The journey we’re taking in this article is growing up from the solid and stable container of the root chakra; we are now treading the waters of the emotional and pleasure seeker within. It’s important our root chakra is strong to be able to contain the sacred waters of Svadhistasana. Our emotions are like a vast ocean, they can be calm and smooth or choppy and dangerous. We may have a fear of swimming in this sea of feeling or feel at home and nurtured whilst we bathe freely in its depths.  Perhaps it’s the mystery of what’s under the surface that frightens us or fear of the unknown. Jung believed water to represent the unconscious, the unknown – therefore the lesson at this chakra is to truly know thyself, to accept our shadow and let it lives in harmony with our light. Those of you who are fellow fans of the film the Dark Crystal may see similarities in its narrative to this journey of the unification of dark and light to bring together a WHOLE being. Whatever it is that is separating us from our true self, work on this energy center helps to shift stuck emotions or patterns of behavior that’s no longer serving us or our spiritual growth.

Being in tune with one’s own emotions is an important lesson in the unfolding of our 2nd chakra lotus. A lesson that perhaps we have not grasped till later on in life.  We can be fully grown adults and still have the emotional patterns we’ve had from our youth. The Chakra journey teaches us we can shed the skins of old and rebirth into a wiser more fulfilled being. Sound good? Well keep reading. This evolvement is a continuous work in progress!. This journey involves around-the-clock labor. But it’s worthwhile work as we and those around us feel good for it. This takes us to another lesson of this energy centre, pleasure. What’s your relationship with pleasure? Is it balanced? Do you give yourself space to enjoy life? Or does shame or guilt get in the way? It’s essential to have balance when it’s comes to pleasure. Imbalance can result in over/under eating, sexual addiction/frigidity or fear of sex, lack of/excessive boundaries.  We can also deny ourselves the joys available to us if we are holding on to historical shame or have in built guilt reflexes that tip the scales.

I’m not sitting on my throne of perfection as I pass on these jewels of truth. No sir! I am only sharing with you from my humble experience. My journey is ongoing, the growth is never-ending. The Chakra system helps to bring harmony to all the aspects that make up the whole. From our physical health to our mental health and the sometimes missing key our spiritual health. Meditation and Yoga help to keep our bodies and minds free of unconscious tensions and nurture our soul. Daily connection to spirit is the key. What do you like do to feed your soul? What connects you to source? Yoga is a great place to start or develop this connection and it’s yours! Your own inner quest. Enjoy!


Wear, eat and breathe orange. Beta-carotene feast!

Work at letting go of guilt and shame.

For a lot of us, there is often shame and guilt associated with sexuality, the work of the second chakra is to accept that we are sexual and emotional beings and to express our feelings, needs and desires in a healthy and balanced way. Also to respect our own individual needs, without causing hurt or harm to others. What role do guilt and shame play in your life?

Set good boundaries, learn to say no, make time for your own needs

Yoga for Sacral Chakra

justrelaxyoga-eagle-pose-thoselondonchicks-sacral-chakraEagle pose- Eagles can sense a storm coming and fly above it till it’s over. What we can learn from the symbol of the eagle is to learn to ride out our own emotional storms. Rather than get caught up in the action we can use our skills and rise above it.

Feel both feet firmly rooted to the ground and allow your breath to deepen.

Bend both knees and take hips slightly back and down into a micro squat, knees do not go beyond the toes.

Then pick up your right foot and cross the thighs, either take the toes to the floor outside the supporting foot or balancing on 1 leg wrap the foot around the calf.

If the upper body is very tight arms can take hold of the shoulders right arm underneath OR bend elbows and cross left arm over right, right fingers into left palm (see picture).Breathe and squeeze thighs, creating a lock at svadhistasana. Knees may swing to the right but bring them back to centre to reach into the outer hip.

If you wobble its ok, just ride out the storm with a smile.

Squeeze thighs and breathe deep.  Hold for 5-10 breathes and release. Change side after a few moments of stillness to reflect.

Goddess/Temple pose

Step the feet double hip distance apart. Turn the toes outward like duck feet and bend the knees, keeping the knees tracking over the toes. Keep the back lifted and straight as you lower; imagine you were sliding down a wall.

Tuck the tailbone down and activate pelvic abdominals, lower ribs to the abdomen. Imagine your heart is growing roots and they are earthing down to the hips, plugging upper body into lower body.

Take hand to the heart or any other hand position that works for your body in this moment.

This is a great counter pose for Eagle as the hips are free and open. There is a sensual quality to the pose, we are open yet strong as we hold the temple of the body on its 2 pillars; our legs. Our bodies are temples and we need to be strong to guard this precious gift. Cultivate your strong and sensual self right here, right now. Breathe new inspiration with every inhalation.

Hold for 5-10 breathes and repeat up to 3 times.

If you have knee issues be sensitive to your body and don’t take it anywhere it doesn’t wanna go.


Come into a low squat malasana and outstretch your left leg. Hand can be to the floor or at the heart. Right heal can be on or off the floor.

Lean slightly to the left. Where can you feel this?

I would suggest playing around with the angle of the right foot to discover where your personal tensions reside. In the picture my toes are up but toes can be down with soul of foot off floor or outer edge of foot to the ground. You find your work. Then sit with it and watch what arises. Try not to disassociate from comes up, just observe as an impartial witness.  Hold for 5-10 breathes and change side. Up to 3 times each leg.


rebecca-justrelaxyoga-sacral-chakraLie face down on the earth. Feet hip distance or together. Gently press the hips into the ground without over squeezing the buttocks.

Take the hands by your sides with palms facing the sky.

Then using you back muscles lift your legs and arms off the floor. In the picture I’m rolling my thumbs out and back to take my shoulders back. This feels good for me, it might for you too.

Lift through the inner thighs to roll the outer thighs down. This creates space in the sacral region.

Breathe and enjoy for 5-10 breathes and if you wish x3.

Other tips

Be comfortable with your sensual self

Go belly dancing or just dance full stop- move and be free.  Or at least do some hip circles and figure 8 movements with the hips. It’s fun but also shifts that tension!

Whatever your story, you have survived. Look back, let go and spread your well earned wings and fly.

It’s important to understand the chakra system as the psychology of Yoga. It’s like a map we can use to give us direction and understanding in the journey that is life. It’s like the architecture of the spirit, as Anodea Judith calls it. When we are disconnected from our feeling mind; our heart, it helps to have a map to guide you back to a place of harmony. I can honestly say from personal experience the Chakra system continues to be a trusted teacher and model.

Breathe strong, live long

Bliss out folks

Love and loadsa Light




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