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This is a special one.  Starring our very own London Chicks, Karen Bryson, who plays Helen Crowthorne. Safe is one hell of a mystery crime drama by American writer Harlan Coben (The Five, Just One Look).

Set in England, a gated community, and a missing child. Michael C. Hall (widely known for his role as Dexter, in the smash hit cult television show with the same title) plays Tom Delaney, widower and father to Jenny, played by Amy James-Kelly, (Coronation Street, Jericho) and Carrie, played by Isabelle Allen (Les Misérables).  The missing child is none other than Jenny, a troubled teenager, who appears to have run off with love interest Chris, played by Freddie Thorp (The Head Hunter, Overdrive) and son to an all but separated couple, Neil, played by Joplin Sibtain (Hard Sun) and Zoe Chahal, played by Audrey Fleurot (Midnight in Paris, The Intouchables).

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Initially this has the hallmark of every story about a teen runaway but all is not as it seems.  Jenny’s disappearance sets Tom off on a mission to find her, and is aided by long-term friend Pete Mayfield, played by Marc Warren (Hustle, The Good Wife).

Digging into his past and somehow trying to tie up those events with the present, Tom begins to discover some uncomfortable truths, he learns more about his daughters, and ultimately about himself as a father, and husband.   A brash but very likeable, possibly new money family, JoJo, played by Nigel Lindsay (Four Lions, Victoria), Lauren, played by Laila Rouass (Footballers’ Wives, Primeval) and their Princess Sia Marshall, played by Amy-Leigh Hickman (The Dumping Ground, Ackley Bridge) are also very much in the mix, and it seems as though everyone has something to hide.   Sophie Mason played by Amanda Abbington (Mr Selfridge, Sherlock) is both the lead investigator in the case, as well as resident neighbour in this community, and the links with her don’t end there.  A never ending entangled web of uncovering who had a relationship with who, in order to get to the truth, this is an addictive binge-watch.  The entire cast deliver and there are many twists and turns, which will leave you on the edge.  A thoroughly good watch.

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Reviewed by Chantelle Dusette

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