They say ‘It’s all in the Eyes”

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We say it’s all around the eyes! The eyes can sparkle but if the lids and bags are talking, then the pupils aren’t really being given much of a chance! It’s like having a play behind closed curtains.

The summer is pretty much over and if you were anything like us, you couldn’t resist soaking up a bit of sun and probably overdid the ingestion of Sugar! Damn those Kopperbergs!

Whatever your vice was you may find your skin is not thanking you by looking a little tired and dehydrated. If you are anything like us then your desperate to find the best eye cream to start feeding that delicate paper thin skin, whilst berating yourself and swearing to wear factor 50 everyday for the rest of your life and to only ever eat anything that is green from now on.

For now let’s just focus on the eye cream and we can work on reading up on clean living once our eyes have had a good drink! Below we have our fave creams for all Chicks Budgets.

Pay Day Purchase

Omorovicza – Gold Eye Lift 15ml £110
Chantecaill 15ml £150
Chantecaill – Nano Gold Energizing Cream 15ml £230

 Middle of the month Treat

Aesop – Parsley Seed Anti-oxidant Eye Cream 10ml £59
Algenist – Genius 15ml £58
Bobbi Brown 15ml £32

 End of the Month Squeeze

Keihl’s – Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado 14ml £20
Darphin – Wrinkle Corrective Eye Contour Cream 15ml £45
Caudelie – Polyphenol Anti Wrinkle 15ml £26


  No Allowance for New Treats??? then label them as necessities!

If your priorities aren’t with a new eye cream then the biggest tip we can give is…Wash your face properly every night! That may sound obvious. It really makes a difference if you leave make up or dirt on your skin. Effectively you are leaving foreign antibodies on the skin surface  instead of letting the skin breathe over night. The precious time at which the body works to repair and revive itself, is then hindered by your pores clogged up with make up, dirt, tube dirt and who knows what that actually encompasses!

So here are two eye make up removers we recommend. Not that we actually expect any chick reading this hasn’t already got a couple of bottles stocked in her bathroom cabinet!

Nivea Double Effect Eye Make Up remover 125ml £3.49
Smash Box – It’s a Wrap 125ml £16.50
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