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Arnold Isaacson is running The London Marathon in aid of SEED • Eating Disorder Support Services! 

SEED’s mission is to create a facility that provides sufferers and carers alike with confidential independent and non judgemental advice and support to ensure they are aided by the best possible network of care and support to facilitate recovery. Gemma Oaten patron of the Charity is best known for work as an actress in the likes of Emmerdale and Holby City. She too has battled with anorexia and at it’s height was given 24 hours to live. See a previous post HERE to hear more of her journey. She of all people knows exactly how important awareness and funds are for a charity like SEED ( founded by her mum Marg Oaten). It can life saving!

Did you know that an eating disorder has the highest mortality rate of any other mental health illness with 20% of people dying every year as a direct result of their illness or through suicide?  These are staggering statistics.

“We are a group made up of ordinary people who have had first hand experience of eating disorders in one form or another.We feel it is important to share experiences with others and help in any way possible. We know from personal experiences how difficult it is to obtain the professional help and assistance in overcoming eating disorders. We hoped that by starting Support and Self Help Groups we would be able to offer help and advice. Our services have developed well beyond that, as we strive to bridge the gaps and meet the needs of those affected by this devastating illness”. Marg Oaten MBE Secretary and Co-founder

All services can be accessed through self-referral. SEED provide support and services for people living in Hull East Riding and Out of Area.

The Money raised from Arnold’s Marathon run will go towards continued support to those affect by an Eating Disorder. Also SEED Eating Disorder Support Services have produced an Educational Toolkit for Raising Awareness of Eating Disorders in Schools. The Kit is aimed at academic years 7- 11/12. See how you can help. Sponser Arnold as every single penny raised counts!!

Mental Health in Schools is high profile and with one in four people developing eating disorders schools must take this seriously.

In the new RSE guidelines, which will be statutory from 2020, Eating Disorders/healthy eating/mental health awarenss and body image are all included as elements of the new teachings. Also, for schools following PHSE scheme, this is just as relevant and although and it’s vital that all of these factors are taught. Early intervention is key with Eating Disorders, and the more teachers and pupils are aware, the more we can help and even save lives. But who will deliver this, how will it be delivered?

We have ALL the answers in the Toolkit. The package is delivered over a 3 lessons period with the option of a 4th creative session to follow.

It covers everything you would possibly need to know about eating disorders, it incorporates, face to camera, voiceover, animation, and film and comes with a User Guide with answer sheets and evaluations.  Teachers can go at their own pace and have the control to stop and start the resource easily for group discussion.

If you would like to know more visit register your interest and the automated application will guide you through the process.

The price of the toolkit is £295 per user at a school, per year. A small sum to pay, which could possibly save lives.


If you would like to speak with someone please e mail or or speak with Maria on 01482 718130 or 344084

SEED Eating Disorder Support Services – The Resource Room, Wilberforce Health Centre, 
6 – 10 Story Street, Hull HU1 3SA 
Admin (01482) 344084 Helpline (01482) 718130 Charity No 1108405

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