Shorty Swing My Way…Into the gym

Reebok Crossfit £40

I’m in the mood for Shorts. That is usually not the case. I tend not to want to force the sight of my veins, bites and usually patches of poor shaving on unsuspecting passersby. This year however I am throwing away my cares and rocking the shorts in any which way possible(It is just too hot to not).

Now I would not say I know anything about how to wear shorts or which are the most fashionable but I do know which ones are comfortable and perfect for a sweaty gym session or an easy run. The only pair here I haven’t actually tried on are the light pink Adidas ones with striped waist band, but I saw them online and just had to include them as they look like a new must have for my workout wardrobe!

If you own these or pop out and buy them send @Londonchicks a pic!


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