Smells Like Teen Spirit: Organizing an Awesome Sweet Sixteen Party

Organizing parties is always a special experience – all that excitement of choosing the theme, buying just the right decorations, picking out the perfect cake… But organizing a sweet sixteen party…well, that’s a unique event, like no other, which means that it should be remembered forever, with a smile.

If you are planning to throw a sweet sixteen party for your child or will be a helpful member of the “party committee”, here’s what you need to do to make it memorable:


1. Set the budget

It’s boring but necessary. If you don’t set boundaries, you’ll end up in serious debts after the party is over. It’s good to have a conversation about that with the soon-to-be-16 member of the family, so they understand that some things may be out of your reach. This will also influence the number of guests.


2. Choose appealing location

Depending on the date of birth, it could be tricky to find the right or even available location, especially if it’s around big holidays like Christmas. “Save-the-date” cards are both cute and serve as a useful reminder if it’s the busy period of the year. Here are some interesting locations that could also be really inspiring when it comes to choosing the theme:

  • – hotel ballrooms – perfect for flowery parties, adding that touch of dreamy ceremonies.

  • – public parks – not only nature will surround the guests, but a lovely, sunny day gives them a different kind of pure energy that’s so needed at a party.

  • – barns – everybody will be thrilled by this rustic surrounding, unusual and definitely fun to be in.

  • – dance clubs – excellent location for teens full of adrenaline.

3. Choosing a cool theme

If you decide on the just the right theme of the party, it can be really great fun. These are just some of the suggestions, but ultimately, it’s the birthday boy/girl whose wishes need to come true and whose interests will be expressed through the theme:

  • City lights – NYC or a famous European city like Paris or London
  • Hollywood or rock star – current celebrities are hugely popular among teens
  • Mardi Gras – we all know how crazy Mardi Gras can be!
  • Pretty in Pink – ultimate girl color
  • Luau – cheerful, colorful and lively
  • Masquerade – offers a wide variety of possibilities and every guest has the opportunity to express themselves and be creative.


4. Delicious menu

The sweeter, the better! A grand dessert buffet and variety of sweet treats is more than enough for anybody’s taste. The cake, of course, is the centerpiece of any party, so it should be at the center of the table. If you opt for cupcakes, have them in bright colors so they can contribute to the festive atmosphere.

Of course, there should be some salty dishes, too, and teenagers rarely love something more than a pizza! Just make sure you have different types of pizza to fit anybody’s taste.


5. Put an attraction

Great parties always have some kind of attraction that will make it stand out from the rest and offer guest a kind of fun they can’t have every day. For example, teenagers simply love taking selfies, so help them with that by hiring a photo booth for the party, and let them have fun while making crazy memories in the booth and posting them on Facebook or Instagram. Another great fun like kombi hire excites everybody, as it gives a spark of past times and looks cute at the same time.


6. Music for the masses

Maybe you can afford a DJ, but if it’s too much for the budget, there are two options: either download your kid’s favorite songs and play it through TV and a good speaker system or talk with a friend who could pose as an amateur DJ, at least just for the night.


All in all

Sweet sixteen can be an amazing party, as long as you find the perfect balance between what you can afford, get your hands on and what your teen wants to have.

By Catherine Palmer