It’s Smoothie O’Clock – Sun Down

After a great work out it is definitely the best time to have a Smoothie. If you are worried about having sugar but struggling to cut it out completely then after exercise is the best time to have it. Your body needs it to replace the Glycogen usurped through your session. This smoothie is a great treat for yourself and a training partner post workout. There may even be a bit left for after tomorrows session. I have big hands so there is always some for tomorrow or later!

Its very basic but seriously yum!

You will need-

A Blender

2 Bananas

Handful of strawberries,

Frozen Tropical fruits

Frozen Raspberries

1 dessert spoon of Peanut Butter

1 dessert spoon leveled of Spirulina

1 tea spoon leveled of Cinnamon

2 Green Tea Extract Capsules

1 spoon(to your taste, so your choice of size)Virgin Coconut oil

1 Scoop of Vanilla Protein Powder


Soya Milk

Chop up the Bananas and chuck them in


Drop in the handful of strawberries


Take a good handful of the tropical fruits


Grab a smaller handful of the rasberries


Drop a dessert spoon dollop of Peanut Butter in

(I like crunchy as you get little bits of nut to chew on)


Add the Spirulina, Cinnamon, 2x Green Tea Extract Capsules(contents only) and Coconut Oil


Add the scoop of protein powder, then pour in Soya milk to fill the gaps amongst the fruit.

(If you like it thinner add some water, it will also make more and still taste just as good!)


Here comes the ugly part. So hit the blend button till its gloriously Green throughout!

(Sometimes you can make it look a little fancy if you just sprinkle extra cinnamon on top and add a fresh raspberry or strawberry to garnish. Depends on how good your spotter was!)



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