Time To Spruce Your Fitness Wardrobe! – The Sports Bra


Struggling to motivate yourself for the gym?

Every now and then I find I need a good kick up the bottom to get me back into the gym swing. If my other half (an ex-personal trainer) isn’t around to do the kicking then I find  good old shopping trip guilts me back into the gym. I surprisingly get a great sweat on remembering how much my credit card took a battering!

I often shoot for Women’s Fitness so get the chance to try on a lot of different brands and styles and after the last shoot I am now Sports Bra obsessed! The strapier the better. Well…not always for getting into but definitely for making you feel pretty/sexy as you step onto the gym floor or into the class studio. I must admit to having taking back selfies!


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1- Lululemon – £42

2-Fabletics – £22

3- H&M – £14.99

4-Nike – £26

5-Victorias secret  – £32.37

Go on…treat yourself. And if the urge to take a back selfie grabs you I COMPLETELY understand and please do share with @Londonchicks

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