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I acquired this chair after visiting a small local auction house many moons ago. I had just moved into a my first flat on my own so needed to furnish it on a small budget. It essentially was an old 1980’s reproduction chair probably part of a set complete with dining table. It was made to look as though it had a little historical value, you know the type. This lonely looking chair clearly didn’t stand a chance of being sold, so the owner of the auction house throw it in with another purchase. … I gratefully accepted, beggars can’t be choosers and all that! However I questioned why I took the chair as I drove home… A 1980’s reproduction chair???  I’m so glad I did.



A month or so later, I got the idea to spray the varnished wood, black with car spray. Unfortunately I didn’t photograph that (it was so long ago). It was a process I was extremely happy with. The wood had a smooth finish and the upholstery had a “Shabby Chic” look and feel purely because I didn’t protect the upholstery. It fit in extremely well into my little creative flat furnished with found upcycled furniture. My little chair went with me from single life to married life, from flat to house. I always found a place for my little lonely old faithful friend.

However recently I noticed the chair was in need of a bit of love. This is when I found a FANTASTIC company called Simply Spray. I had considered and seen upholstery paints but they all looked as though they would make the fabric hard once dried…that’s no good! So I thought I would give this spray a try, that or do away with the chair. What a revelation. I’m so pleased with the results I just Simply had to share!

Here is the very simple process I underwent to spruce up my old faithful chair with Simply Spray.

I used Just Plum


Firstly, Simply spray recommend you do a water test on the fabric beforehand to make sure it will absorb the spray. If the water rolls off the fabric it means its been coated in something and the product will not be ideal. Once suitability has been established you are good to go! This time of year is perfect as the weather is good enough to do the spraying and drying in the garden. Lay some newspaper down to ensure you don’t spray your patio! Then cover your paint work with masking tape, I used parcel tape as it waterproof and the Simply Spray is water based so won’t be absorbed.



Shake well. Then spray your first layer making sure you have even steady coverage. Let it dry completely before applying second layer, repeat until desired colour is achieved. I preferred to apply several thin light layers and built up the colour that way. In-between coats I used a damp cloth to wipe away small areas the parcel tape failed to protect. It’s better to get rid of slight splash marks at this stage while the spray is wet. As mentioned before it’s water based so wipes off really easily.


Upcycling chair 2Once your happy with the colour and you’ve achieved an even finish. Leave to dry,  for about 24-48 hours or so. It was at this point in the drying period you can do some touch up’s. I noticed during this I had missed some tiny areas in the difficult to reach bits. So I sprayed some upholstery in to and old saucer and used a paint brush to dab the spray, at intervals leaving to dry in-between, until I had a colour match. I did the same with the paint work on the studs and the wood. Ideally leave for a total of 72 hours before your piece of furniture is functional. If you’re as happy with the results as i am….It’s well worth the wait!



I couldn’t recommend this spray paint enough it’s brilliant and incredibly easy to use. They come in an amazing array of gorgeous colours.

Take a look at their brilliant site, click the pic to visit the site and find out about the various products they have on offer!!


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Breathe life back into your old faithful pieces of furniture!

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