Start Eating Healthy in 2018: Awesome Food Trends and Innovations

New Year is a period when we all suddenly start making life changes. Since more and more people are becoming aware of how food affects their well-being, a healthy diet could be found on many New Year resolutions lists. In order to give everybody an opportunity to eat healthier, food and nutrition experts have constantly been experimenting with food and coming up with incredible ideas. So, here are some predictions about health food trends and innovations for 2018.


Mushrooms everywhere

It’s well known that mushrooms are rich in protein and nutrients, but various sorts of fungi have been making their way towards food and drink menus recently. This is why they are predicted to be one of the greatest health food trends in 2018. Adaptogenic mushrooms including reishi, cordyceps and lion’s mane are said to boost the immune system and antioxidant level. However, mushrooms have many other health benefits as well. So, don’t get surprised if you find mushroom infused chocolate, coffee, tea, or even cocktail.


Food in bowls

Originating in the Orient, bowl food became a worldwide trend thanks to the trendsetters and lifestyle influencers. Those are usually vegan recipes whose ingredients are supposed to be incorporated according to colour, calories, compatibility, food intolerance, etc. What is so great about this health food trend is its convenience, since it represents an excellent choice for a quick healthy meal at work. Although this idea broke out two years ago, it’s still ongoing trend which is likely to become a common thing in both domestic kitchens and fancy restaurants.


Eat from root to stem

Root to stem cooking implies using whole vegetables in making tasty dishes. Apparently, stems that we throw away without question are consisted of nutrients which can give your meal a completely different flavour. Let’s take broccoli stalks for example. They contain 2,98g of protein and 48mg of calcium. So, stop wasting carrot stems or watermelon rinds and become an absolutely trendy chef.


Veganism is here to stay

Veganism expansion hasn’t started slowing down at all. In fact, they’ve been continually coming up with the inventions which will improve vegans’ diet. For example, faux meat is becoming a perfectly normal and regular thing. Believe it or not, these plant-based products don’t look or taste different from real meat.

Apart from already popular burgers, wait for faux chicken or fish. Incorporate it in your diet together with organic wholefood products and you’ll be healthy and trendy.


Pea milk

Another health food trend to watch in 2018 related to vegan diet is definitely pea milk. Vegans need as much diary alternatives as they can get. And pea milk is going to grab the herbivores’ attention this year. What is more, it’s nut-free, so you don’t have to worry about lactose tolerance or nut allergy.


Edible flowers

The trend of using flowers in the kitchen is clearly gaining its momentum. Not only do they serve as an appealing plate decoration, but as health boosters as well. For instance, nasturtiums can work as natural antibiotics, while red clover blooms can purify blood. Rose and elderflower have already been used for making bakes and beverages, but it’s assumed that lavender and hibiscus will also become a part of food and drinks.


Drinkable soups

Drinkable soups are trendy health food innovations created to make our lives easier. They’re prepared food suitable for busy people. Since they’re packaged into containers you can eat them on the go, in your car or in your office. What is more, some of them don’t even need to be heated up, you can eat them straight from the container. Drinkable soups might look like green juice, but certainly taste far better.

As it’s been already mentioned, people experiment with foods on regular basis. Something that sounded strange a year or two ago is perfectly normal today. So, who knows what’s going to take the place on this list next year.