Step-by-Step Guide to Planning Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is a huge task, and if you are planning your own wedding, there are a million things going through your head. Staying focus and getting everything done in time requires a cool head and a good checklist. That being said, there are a few things that you should mainly be focusing on:


Managing your budget is a great skill to have generally in life – but it absolutely shines when it comes to advanced planning. Just because you might have some dreams about a huge, luxurious wedding, doesn’t mean that they will come true. After all, we all have to work with what we have, and starting off your married life after a huge debt is never a good thing. So, try to manage your budget well and let go of the things that aren’t necessary. Try making your own decorations and invitations and get your family involved in making the catering. You would be surprised by how little you actually need to spend to have a dream wedding.

Get inspired

There’s nothing wrong with finding inspiration in things other people have done. This is helpful for a lot of reasons: Foremost, there are only so many things that our imagination can think up, but if you give it a little jab, you’ll be surprised with what you will come up with. Also, you don’t have to reuse the exact thing that someone else has done. Modify the colors a bit and you will get something that is completely your own. In the end, you can never know how something can look when you are just imagining it. To avoid imagining something new, and having it end up a disaster, take a look what has already been done.


You can have an amazing wedding on a beach, a restaurant, a hotel and even in your own home. The venue should mostly depend on what your wishes are, what season you are getting married in and your budget. Any venue can be made to look amazing with the right dedication and details, so don’t think that you need to spend all of your money on an expensive villa or restaurant. Even if you are having the wedding at home, with a good polish, a few speakers and interesting designer cushions, your living room will look like a grand ballroom. It is the details that make a space look god, and the only thing you really need is for it to have enough room to fit all of your guests.

Consider everyone’s wishes

You might be dreaming of a huge wedding with several hundred guests and you have enough time and money to plan it all out. But, does your partner feel the same? Don’t forget that your wedding is about the pair of you, and you should both get an equal say in what the wedding is going to look like. Think of those compromises as the first steps in your marriage, and make sure that on the day, both parties are happy. This might mean having a private reception with the minister, but then having a big party afterwards, or maybe just meeting in the middle about the number of guests, catering wishes and venue choices.

Small things that make a big difference

Imagine your wedding and all of the guests there. Now cut the number of guests in half. How does it feel? Probably more luxurious and spacious. Controlling your guest list is key to having an organized wedding. More isn’t always better, and you might be better off sticking to a smaller number. Other things that will make a huge difference are a good photographer who will capture the memories, party favors for your guests to remember the night and the attention that you will put into the narrative of the wedding – from your vows to the invitations, the words we use can mean a lot and create a completely different mood.


However your wedding turns out, at the end of the day, it’s not about that day and that event, the most important part is what come after, and if you get it right it will be many years of happiness, so simply relax and enjoy yourself.


Emma Joyce