Summer Berry Blast-Smoothie

Summer Berry Smoothie





At this time of year, it’s always great to take advantage of all the gorgeous berries in season. This smoothie packed with berries with extra helpings of one of my favourites Blackberries. This versatile fruit is full of flavour and a whole gamut of healthful nutrients. The Blackberry is a fragile yet dense fruit, rich in powerful antioxidants properties. It aids in maintaining healthy glowing skin because it contains a good amount of vitamin C, vitamin E which help the formation and strengthening of collagen structure.

Blackberries 1

Blackberries also extends its beneficial effect in improving the cognitive functions of the body….Perfect brain food. They are a perfect addition for those watching their weight as they are low in calories,carbohydrates and have no fat, making them popular for low carb and low calorie diets.
The best thing is…you can go on enjoying Blackberries right the way until mid Autumn. This smoothie is a good one for breakfast, alternatively a mid afternoon ‘pick me up’ especially in the hot weather we’re having.

For this deliciously smooth creamy Summer Berry Blast, you can use frozen berries which make the smoothie extra creamy and of course really cold. I used frozen raspberries. It’s also a great one for the kids as it tastes sweet and fruity.

You will need

1 cup of Blackberries
1/2 cup of Blueberries
1/2 cup Raspberries
A handful of Organic Spinach
1 small Avocado
1 cup of Almond or Coconut Milk
2 tablespoons of Sunflower Seeds

From here its so simple, de-seed avocado and scoop the flesh and add to blender or your Nutribullet along with all the other ingredients! If you prefer less of a thick consistency add water. When using a Nutribullet fill milk or water to the Maxline and use the blade attachment suitable for seeds. Blast/Blend until smooth. Yum!! Also suitable for Vegans.

By Karen Bryson

Photos: Karen Bryson


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