Sweet Plates – Ice cream

Mastiki ice cream • Mastiki baggto

Παγωτό με μαστίχα

If ever there is a taste that is uniquely Greek then it would have to be mastic. It is used to flavour so many of our desserts from rice pudding to semolina cake, but really it is best tasted in ice cream. It has an acquired flavour though, which I just adore, unlike my British film crew who made polite noises, passed on my offer of a scoop at the ice cream parlour, humouring me I felt…

Makes around 900ml

1 tsp of mastic granules
1 glass (200g) of caster sugar
2 glasses (400ml) of milk
2 glasses (400ml) of single cream

Use a pestle and mortar to grind the mastic with 1 teaspoon of the sugar to a fine powder. Put in a saucepan with the milk and remaining sugar then heat, stirring frequently until the milk is just coming to boil. Remove from the heat, pour into a freezer-proof bowl and whisk occasionally to help cool quickly. Then whisk in the cream. When completely cold, cover and freeze.

After about an hour remove the bowl from the freezer, whisk well. Pop back in the freezer then whisk again after 2 more hours and again after about another hour. This helps prevent large ice crystals from forming. Transfer to a clean lidded rigid container and freeze until firm.

30 minutes before serving pop the ice cream in the fridge… for easier scooping.

 SWEET PLATES ice cream


Rose flavoured ice cream • Triatafilo bagoto

Παγωτό τριαντάφυλλο

This is another much loved ice-cream with those quintessential flavours. If you are now converted to mastic ice- cream, scooped together with Triatafilo bagoto, the two of them taste and look so good served together…frosty white and shocking pink. Of course I typically love creamy Triatafilo but you will also find rose flavoured sorbet in the ice-cream parlour, for a more virtuous scoop!

Makes around 900ml

2 glasses (400ml) of milk
1 glass (200ml) of rose cordial 3⁄4 glass (150g) of caster sugar 2 glasses (400ml) of single cream

Just follow the same method as Mastiki ice cream above.

Pure, natural homemade ice cream should be enjoyed within a few weeks of making to appreciate its’ freshest flavour….not a problem in the Buxton household.