The Connection to Ground.

The Connection to Ground.

We are live-wires; electromagnetic bundles of energy connected to streams of activity and interest. We give out signals – of what we want and need – and receive calls, consciously and subconsciously from corresponding attractions, be they people, places or events. As space and time moves around and through us, we filter the elements and energy to create the reality we experience. We are the electromagnetic conductors of our experience.

As life moves through us, we can however lose our inner connection. We may get drawn to energies which pull us out of alignment, draining our resources or leaving us overloaded. We become disconnected and frantic, as we try to stabilize in an unstable environment. In an attempt to evoke calm, our default is often to control, exacerbating the situation. This is when we need to ground.

Grounding creates a ‘state of connection.’ We literally earth ourselves into the ground, imagining the essence of our being connecting through the soles of our feet to the core of the Earth. We plug in, not to others or the ‘stories’ we tell ourselves or listen to, but into what nourishes and centres us energetically. We let go of all the static, allowing all unnecessary grittiness and heaviness to drop away; and once cleansed, re-fill with new, more useful energy. We do this not so we can ‘keep going,’ but so that we can gain greater presence and understanding of what is important in the moment. As we take a much needed breath, we gain greater insight, and importantly, the ability to choose. We ease back into flow…


Grounding can be done anywhere, anytime; in planes, trains, at our desk, or as we walk. It can help us rise to our day, re-group between meetings, and prepare for sleep. It’s wonderful on a beach or in verdant nature, but just as powerful as we move through the city streets. It is strengthened by practice, but more so by intent. It requires us, just for a brief moment, to let go…and yet also to accept. For as we pause in acknowledgement of ourselves, we accept the very ground we have come to rest upon and give ourselves to. And as we re-fill with the energies we need, we partake in a most natural and enlivening act of exchange.

This momentary centering of ourself enables comfort, security and safety – all fundamental requirements for not just our spiritual expansion but also our energetic and emotional safety. When we feel energetically challenged we tip into a state of alert and defensiveness, and however subtle this may be, it is not healthy for our well-being. But if we can increase our moments of grounding, we also improve, through our energetic body, our overall health and well-being. Not only is it free to do, instantaneous and ‘enlightening’ to experience, but the effects are priceless.

By Delilah Sullivan








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