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Ok so this place had me at ‘Yes of course you can bring your dog in’. So my opinion could be seen as favourable but I have since been to their base in Exeter and back to this Taunton branch and on all occasions I have been very satisfied. So again apologies Londonites I am covering the South West but hey you never know when your called out of the Hub and are looking for a decent Burger. Not wanting to waste your per diems on something rubbish, now you have a couple of options with more to follow! I will be sharing my recent excursion and Burger experience in Manchester soon which is a definite must if you are anywhere near Little Italy. But for now Corporation Street, Taunton.


The Decor

The decor is a delight and not what I was expecting at all. Inside there’s lots of plain wooden panelling, exposed brick and quite a quirky industrial feel. There are comfortable sofa/armchairs areas and normal tables and chair set ups. Both Taunton and Exeter are a feast for the eyes. Exeter being based in what was an old hospital, all the decor is themed appropriately, yet still feeling stylish and comfortable. I know Hospital/stylish and comfortable don’t often sit next to each other but there they do.

The place is clean and spacious and despite all the bits and pieces of memorabilia does not feel cluttered. The place manages to despite being full of customers not feel like you have to shout over one another even with music playing which is a pleasant bonus!


The Service

Where we were sat(in the cosy comfy seats of the Den) we had to order at the bar. Which to me is actually a preference as it means we can just get on as usually we are on a mission to feed ‘The Man’. The staff are friendly and happy to offer their opinion without being pushy. It was thanks to one ladies recommendation that I chose the ‘Hero Burger’ making it extra heroic with another 6oz patty. The food came quickly and so did the extra sauces asked for. I know we become picky but on a visit to one of my favourite restaurants this week I asked for the usual BBQ and mayonnaise which never came. I know having been a waitress myself that you can easily forget bits here and there, but now I’m more understanding of why I possibly didn’t get a huge tip even when everything else seemed to be tip top. The little things matter and these guys do pay a good attention to detail. I know from experience that when you are overworked and given too much to do on your lonesome then things can slide. We definitely felt that they had enough staff on to manage to uphold a very good service. Everyone seemed genuinely happy to be working there. That along with feeling like people really wanted you to have a good visit meant we were very comfortable and relaxed.

The Location

For us, it was less than five minutes walk back to our hotel which was also pretty central. The area isn’t the most attractive but Hunts Court is a prominent landmark in the heart of the town. It was commissioned in the 18th Century and completed in 1905 as a school of art for the county. I must admit I was not expecting the building to hold this quirky restuarant as we had been planning to walk the few extra minutes into town. However on seeing the warm glow emanating from its doors we decided to check it out and were glad we did!


The Food

The menu is below so you can see prices and options! I personally didn’t think the prices were painful and with decent portion sizes I would definitely recommend. I order the Hero and Wills had the Pulled Pork. Both were a good size. Not too small that you walked away still hungry but just large enough that we were pleased to have a short walk to the hotel without the need of being rolled to our room. Disappointingly they don’t offer sweet potato fries so we had the skin on fries that were fine. My burger was perfect and cooked to that standard also. It came laid open with the two different flavours on each half. I must admit as they were so individually tasty I ate most of the burger like this but joined together at the end to understand what it was intended to taste like. Will’s Pulled Pork was delicious. Not gloopy or overly gooey as some places can make pulled pork. Where they try to cover up amount of meat with sauce.

Overall a good time had, and definitely a place I would recommend. I would be really happy if they would open one in the North London area #JustSaying














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