The Fiena Members Club for Women

The Fiena Members Club for women is something totally different…

Since opening in 2017, the club has already achieved legendary status. Fiena is a firm favourite of female olympians, international DJ’s, CEO’s of visionary companies & everyday go-getters across the world.
A hotspot for London’s girl boss types and female adventurers. The Fiena Members Club offers great opportunities for both personal leisure and business networking and is changing the way women do business. Making the shoddy women only cocktail nights a thing of the past, and instead bringing adventure weekends and lifestyle into the mix.

“It is a beautiful thing – to be connected to the rare and unique spirits who ‘level up’ the world. At the heart of Fiena is a togetherness. Bought to life by this kindred Fiena spirit. Magic. Adventure. Soul. Wild but kind vibes. There is nothing like it.”

-Founding Fiena Member

Created for the millennial power woman who has a large array of interests, and likes to have choice. The Fiena Members Club is different from places like Allbright and The Wing, reinventing traditional boundaries and bringing the classic #Fiena rebel spirit into the mix.
Instead of having one set venue, Fiena has a variety of venue partners that play host to its members for different experiences. Allowing the emphasis to be put on building new relationships rather than simply accessing a workspace. You can book into Fiena Fridays (a Members Only CoWorking Day) at Uncommon London, join a Club Spa Day at Akasha Spa, or head to a Signature Division experience you won’t forget at the likes of South Kensington Club.
The Fiena Members Club’s best kept secret is the Samurai Division. With a focus of fitness, you can step out of your comfort zone and test your limits to see just how show strong you are with events such as boxing, dirt biking, super-car racing, wrestling and more.

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Always beautiful surroundings and interesting people. Fiena provides a breath of fresh air to the private members club scene. A place for non-bitchy, kind and charismatic women to gather, adventure and reach big heights together.
It’s a social network and hence, a space for real connections, friendships and business partnerships to flourish. You wont see people hiding behind their laptop, or using the Club to hang out with their long term friends.
Oh no. Fiena is where you come to meet a new social circle of female leaders and visionaries who will have your back from day one, and believe in Magic, Adventure and Soul.
A unique and rare thing in a big city like London.
Great for: Meeting your new girl gang
Who goes here: Hustlers, Adventurers & World Leaders
Key membership benefits: Access to unique experiences and hide-outs in the city
Ease of entry: Apply Online: Memberships granted to those who are ‘extraordinarily interesting and interested’
Where: London, New York, Dubai

By the Founder of Fiena: Jae Ruax



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